I have just disclosed my mental illness to my employer

This is the “card for person with disabilities” in my country. I sent a similar photo to my employer and explained to him that “I am stable in mood and thought under proper medication”. Awaiting for his response.

(I have worked 5 months here, and this is the first time I disclosed my mental condition to my current employer)


Good luck hope all goes well for you in your work place

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That took courage! Congrats for saying. Hope it goes well :slight_smile:

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I wrote a survival guide for mental illness awhile back been a sort of a work in progress. I did upload it as pdf. Was some tips on disclosing among it. Would copy and paste the relevant info but not on my computer atm. Hope it helps in the future.


That’s really courageous of you. I hope everything goes well!

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I hate to be cynical but did you disclose because you WANTED to ? Or because you HAD to?


Thank you for your concern.

A little in between “wanted to” and “had to” because I was absent from work yesterday without a valid reason. I texted to my employer that I was staying at my friend’s house because of family issues. I didn’t disclose to him that my mood was unstable.

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Please allow me to copy and paste portion of your documentation:

Be selective. Only tell those who would truly benefit from knowing of your
condition, such as your boss, fellow students and co-workers that you do a lot
of work with, family members, etc. Other people simply don’t need to know.
There are many misconceptions about mental illnesses, so you have to be
careful with disclosing the diagnosis… Make any explanations short and sweet…

Thank you for that, Dreamscape!