Do you see a therapist?

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And how helpful would you consider your therapy 0-10, 0 being not at all. Ten being a lot

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Been seeing the same therapist since 2018 or 2019-- it kinda all blends together these days.

She’s awesome, though, and has a general knack for helping others through things.

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I see my therapist every week for 4 years now. I’ve been in therapy since 2009. It’s been a difficult road to get better. I voted 8. But it’s been very helpful. Even if sometimes we don’t have too much to say. She’s supportive but realistic too. I see her today. I’m happy to see her again.


I dont see a therapist. I saw one before, was useless for my sz negative symptoms, she got mad as I wasn’t able to do what she asked me to do. Ridiculous. She doesn’t understand sz negative symptoms.


My current therapist did EMDR with me, for my past trauma. It really helped! He’s a pretty cool dude. I saw him on Tuesday (virtual video visit). He is really nice and I guess I just feel understood by him.

I’ve had several therapists in the past who were either rude or I just didn’t click with them.


I’ve never seen a therapist on a regular basis and I never will.

When I was part of an outpatient program at the hospital where they were teaching us CBT and other psychology theory. I had a nurse/therapist that would pull me aside from group everyday and talk to me for about 10/15 minutes. I enjoyed the talk cause she was hot and there was a bit of flirtatious energy between us but I didn’t divulge my deepest secrets or thoughts. I don’t feel the need too and on the very few occasions I have I didn’t find the advice helpful.

I find it far more helpful to learn the theory, what the psychologists have learned, and then use my own brain to apply it to myself and solve my own problems, in private.


I’ve done Emdr with her but I don’t feel I need it anymore so we just talk now.

I’ve had 2 bad therapists in between my 2 good ones. Total of 5 I’ve seen on a regular basis over the years

The one I have now though is a real keeper.

My last good one I still am in touch with.

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Oh man the hospital therapy is BS compared to outside social workers imo.

They just do it cuz they have to.

You shouldn’t close the window completely

There’s no shame in being in therapy if u ask me.

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Once, I saw a guy therapist for like, .03 seconds.

He told me I wasn’t schizoaffective and said I just needed to work out more.

…Fuucking douche.


One guy told me I reached my co pay on my Medicare and I now owed him $155 in cash per session. Only cash. Little to say , I never showed up again

He was a douuucheee anyways. Didn’t say nothing. He was falling asleep in our sessions

Then I found my current one the next on psychology today dot com

She has never charged my a nickel with my Medicare…

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I agree, if it helps someone then all the power to them, but for me it has nothing to do with shame.

I have spoken with social workers and therapists on rare occasions in the past, I just didn’t find it helpful.

And after learning what they have learned, I actually enjoy contemplating my problems and trying to figure out a solution. I’ve gotten along fine doing that, but I understand that might not work for everyone, it’s just what I feel comfortable with, I don’t feel comfortable discussing my thoughts because people in authority may not understand and then that can open up a whole can of worms.

I don’t really have any problems I need help with right now anyways.


I have a therapist I touch bases with every two months. She is helpful in the sense that if I need anything she has practical advice for me or referrals so it’s never a total waste. And she’s always nice to talk to. I’ve known my therapist for years. I used to work with her when she was just starting out as a Social Worker for Social Services. I think because we have a previous relationship it affects her ability to treat me. It’s more like talking to a peer. If I need to delve into a deeper issue I’m not sure how that would work with her. We’ll see if that ever comes up I guess.

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Well I’m
Glad you don’t need it then!!

Me I even like the structure

“Omg I have my therapist today”

Maybe you have more of a life than me too, though.

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Wow, what a weiner.

I swear, some people have no business being in that profession.

Glad you’re seeing a good therapist now, @Jonnybegood :sunny:

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I see a therapist every second week :blush: I just had my second session and is awesome. Though I have to work a lot with myself. I take a day at a time. If I can not do all my exercises for one time then all is cool. So I am hoping for a long and good therapy process! :pray::innocent::blush:


I saw a therapist for about three months

Overall very good experience. She really listened to my concerns and provided some useful insight into my behaviours, particularly regarding excessive spending and smoking addiction

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I had a phone call with my therapist on Wednesday. I find her helpful

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nope i don’t currently see a therapist, saw one briefly for about a year, but ran out of things to say, considering calling him up again, to talk about my desire to escape life, but that is the only thing on my mind, don’t know if it’s worth our time. anyways, i don’t want to do virtual or over the phone, if it’s not in person than i dont want to do it.

I had one session a long time ago, then another one session a few years ago, and never went back both times. I was offended by both of them, asking me personal sexual questions when that’s not what I came there for, asking me things like “don’t I want a girlfriend” without showing any consideration of whether maybe I want a boyfriend.

I finally took an easy internet CBT course for $35 out-of-pocket money. I was able to learn some things like thought challenging and problem-solving, which was all that I needed.

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@Aziz i think you reinforce your belief that you’ll never recover due to negatives by saying it so repetitiously it becomes the self fulfilling prophecy. Try changing your talk to be more positive and hopeful. You’d be surprised how much that can change things

Like my therapist has said to me countless times, “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”