Do you really believe?

I also live in two worlds. I live in the world I tell my pdoc about, and I live in a world where all kinds of intrigue circulate around me - like I’ll think one guy is affiliated with the Israelis Mossad and wants me to help them lobby for support from the U.S., or one guy from a long time ago in my past has gotten involved in organized crime and wants revenge for some stupid things I did, and so on. The world of the intrigue is the one I spend most of my time in, though I never talk about it.

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Most of the time I believe that my experiences have supernatural significance, but at the same time, I know that most people wouldn’t see it that way. I also conclude that it doesn’t really matter too much what my experiences really are, because it doesn’t make a difference at the end of the day. It’s not like those experiences help me or help me to help others, they are just a very stressful nuisance. If my experiences allowed me to help others in some way, then I’d probably fight harder for them, but they don’t.


Hi Andrey, sounds awful and I suppose that’s why things could get worse for either of us!

I had some respite today. I had some persecution from somebody who I thought was on holiday in France about their hotel breakfast. Had a phone call from someone else who knows them and it turns out they aren’t going until Friday and have been doing something totally different! Makes me feel ridiculous and insane but better than being truly persecuted…

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Our lives are so boring, no wonder we indulge in fantasies.

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Latuda is a good drug. As for inner and outer worlds, presenting one face to society and knowing differently on the inside., this is par for the course. It comes with the SZ and its treatment. There’s nothing we can do about it. I have found complaining and looking for understanding and sympathy is a losing game. People get tired of it. They don’t want to hear it. They don’t believe you. You are left alone with your own “I can’t” philosophy.


You have to be pretty important if people are out to get you.

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So true. People get fed up and try to explain why you are lacking qualities describing how you need to understand others better or such sentiments… nightmare.

This is me to a t.
I have accepted I hear peoples thoughts and people hear mine. I don’t know why and I know some people are incapable of it but most aren’t. Its a thing for some reason. Its reality.

Just gotta control my thoughts to where I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings or make myself seem weird.

Beliefs are always welcome.

It is only truth that is condemed.

There has never been a med that has made me believe what I have is not real. The med may hide my ‘symptoms’ as docs call it, but when off meds they are there so they never disappeared which means they are real. But to try to be ‘normie’ I have accepted taking meds for others not for myself. And I Hate it! Taking meds that is. Science will prove in time what we go through is real and then all us sz will be like hey you mf’s you should have believed us.

The voices are real and they are pretending to be and making you think that they are coming from friends and family people passing by. They are demons my friend.

Wealthy lady who is sex abuse victim took me to ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and told me she was gonna do that to me. YUP. Had nervous after insomnia attack a couple years later and voices started after PTSD was discovered…I heard it 12 years day and night since, nonstop medicated or not.

Lady was immediately introducing around her sex abuser to school/coworkers to find him someone else…She did say anyone who lived alone usually ended up ruined for a while, exactly what happened as mental care just tells you that you are sick and never provides any coping information so most lose job at least once…

If you have this situation and just stop communicating with them, voices may go 2-3 years and then quit with no contact with anyone from that group and you didn’t discuss the dirt much. If you tell these off, you get psychotic strangers put on you and you become ‘paranoid schizo’. This can go on forever…Some deal with voices by stalking specific people to verbally harass new psychotics about something private, but voices ask for more to vandalisms, thefts,…and eventually some are jailbate. If you use this kind of coping strategy for voices, like many ‘born again Christian’ churches will try to preach stalk some in community these will always be a nasty nut who doesn’t know what they do to workers/coworkers/neighbors sometimes so exercise caution and keep contact to a minimum…Never any need to share much information with these as they go nutty and delusional about stuff and it can harm you or anyone you talk about in passing like worrying aloud to iffy coworker.

If you ignore the voices and just try to function, eventually you don’t hear it much or it is just background noise. Some cities have the strangers around you talking to themselves aloud about how things run in their city to live and work there, while smaller cities/towns sometimes just harass people…

Good luck.