Do you realize

that we may be “bracketed” together. Not to be a whistleblower or stating the obvious but if you are following what goes on in the online poker world, which I’m sure not many of you do like I do(hint), there is certain “bracketing” that goes on online.(duh?). So bringing us up to speed, the people in this forum actually have a good chance of really knowing each other in real life. To simplify, in online poker nowadays, at least in- is it merge, I forget- they are bracketing similar skill levels together. So you would be playing against people of your own skill type/bankroll. In other words, and I am wondering if it is true, would the people in this forum be bracketed together because of there proximity in location in real life. Sorry to be so vague.

EDIT: To expand, everyone’s bracket might be different- everyone would have different people in their bracket. I’m guessing people older and wiser than me will understand where I am at, and the “younger” crowd will be in awe.

OR is this my disease playing tricks on me.

I suspect this is the case. If you read what most people say on these forums they tend to have few friends (this is a common symptom of the disorder - the tendency not to socialize) so I suspect that most people don’t know anyone on these forums. Its a global forum, and given we have relatively few people on these forums compared to the global population - I think that the chances are very low that anyone knows each other in real life.


Relative to the folks here, I’m old; incidently, I’m fairly bright as well. But I didn’t get too much of what you were talking about.

Well, yes, I have met people on here with whom I’ve exchanged phone numbers. Also, I’ve talked to people I know in real life who’ve come here to interact with me in this way.

Where are you going with this inquiry?



I am a consumer and diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. Add that to the major, or unipolar depression and generalised anxiety disorder and your getting my drift!

So saying. I’m a little different and I am aggressively social! I’ve met people I met on this website ( I married one) and I’ve talked live with several persons over the phone. I’ve also kept in touch with numerous people!

What sz admin fails to acknowledge was that we had a site run chatspace which hooked up a lot of people but mainly due to SZ admins neglect it got taken over by serial sexual predators who had little sympathy for schizophrenics…

so to your poker face! SzAdmin brackets you as a consumer the moment you get here…you can’t do any good…you certainly can do very bad…but in the long run…we lose…

Tis a shame really…dead man’s hand again!

A friend in the struggle,


I have become friends with a member of this website outside of this website. We have quite similar personalities, aside from me being bisexual, LOL. We live a long plane ride away though :frowning:

Thanks for the feedback. I have a lot on my plate right now so getting responses helps tremendously. I just stayed six weeks in the hospital and am coming back to reality rather harshly. There is more to add to that but I will keep my mouth shut, which is one problem I’m having, another being self-centered. The biggest challenge is coming off of the ativan. I was on 2 mg for the first week and the .5 2x daily for the majority of the rest of my stay so it goes without saying my anxiety is sky high. The out patient program I’m in does not believe in benzodiazepines. I had a breakdown this morning and am really struggling, but every day I’m improving.

I apologize again if some of my posts are a bit off I am really in a weird state right now from the long stay.


Didn’t realize how obvious it was. 50,000+ members…

I’m glad your out and getting back into the swing of things. It’s going to take a little time, be patient with yourself. Take it easy and be kind to yourself.

You can always talk here. I hope you keep feeling better. I’m rooting for you.

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It is a little strange for me to read that six weeks was long stay because I have had two stays that each were nearly a year long.

I go from doctor to doctor because they move around, not me. Yes, as I go from one doctor to another, their philosophy changes. For example, I was on two different antipsychotics when I had to find a new med prescriber, and the first new med prescriber I tried said it was worthless to prescribe more than one antipsychotic at a time. I said, “Thank you very much, I’ll look for someone else.”


I don’t think our location on earth makes us talk more or less with other ppl on the forums. There are ppl from all over the world in here. Some might know each other IRL but most don’t.

Comatose… :smiley: how are you? haven’t seen you in a while.

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I’m fine again. I had a bit of depression but it has turned with meds. I did not have energy to do more than read on the forums occationally. But now I feel better again. I sleep normal instead of all day. Thank you for caring. :slight_smile:

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I guess that makes you a game changer. :wink:

Wow two stays that were a year long does sound like a lot. I think you are probably a stronger person because of them though.