Pacing up and down

Do you have this? It’s so difficult to sit down. I manage it at work but I have those days like today I’m up early and I can’t sit still … At first I thought it was the Abilify but now i think it’s sz.

Is that restlessness or T.D.?

I had this restlessness when taking Risperdal. The Artane is then used to counteract the side effects of it.

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TD is involuntary movements I think. Pacing for me is the constant need to walk.its restlessness. I don’t have it all the time which leads me to believe it’s not the meds

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I get that when I take Fenfluazine. I cannot sit still when I take that drug. One time I was in this assisted living center and they had this class where everyone sat in a room and watched this western movie. I could not stay in my seat. This woman kept getting on me because I would get up from my seat and pace. I took off from that assisted living center and hitch hiked home.

I had it with aripiprazole but not particularly on the others I’ve tried and not on the olanzapine I just switched to

I get the urge to walk or pace about the house from time to time, some days are worse than others.

I think that its my meds making me feel like I have to move - it was worse on higher doses of Risperdal.

It could also be a part of my mixed episodes - some agitated depression.

I don’t think it’s the meds for me - I’ve been pacing nonstop since around the time my symptoms first “got serious”.

More like I wake up and have coffee and some nicotine and eat and then I want to RUN. Like RUN, NOW! Then I either do strength training or work on the heavy bag or I just sit and read and or write all day. I also eat and sleep. I secretly watch an episode of anime on my phone in bed every night. Right now I’m rewatching Attack on Titan in English so I can better appreciate the action, otherwise it’s like reading not watching.

It’s akathisia if it causes the person to want to pace while resting but want to rest immediately while moving.