Do you over catastrophize, heres video to help stop that

I always think the worst of situation, this help think differently, thoughts doesnt mean it true.
Heres the video if your over catastrophize on things.


I catastophize all the time.
I finally found a therapist I so far like.
We are engaging in CBT.

I found the video you posted beneficial.
Thanks @oe1489

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I have had this problem of catastrophizing. This video was very good. The first step is to realize when you are doing it, and this is what I have learned to do.

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I used to have this problem but it got less when I started taking L-theanine. It finally went away (more or less) when I increased the dose of my AP.

Normally the best and worst of a situation never arise , it’s normally something in the middle.


Late Last night my mom was walking the dog we are watching, feelings of guilt perhaps over not doing it instead manifested in me, by me:

Wondering if she’d slip on ice out there, hit her head on the ground, lose concsiousness(sp), and freeze to death before anyone would be able to find her.

(I’ve never looked up catastrophizing but maybe I should for myself!! )

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no problem im so happy it help you guys. im here to help.

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realize that too, i think is called a reality check. lol

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