Do you lose part of your looks being fat.......?

do you lose part of your looks being fat…?

Depends on how fat , ideally a person stays in shape and not look gaunt. At this point in time I would definetly prefer toned , not exactly slim , just toned.

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YES! I’m a real bombshell when I’m in shape.

My jaw & cheek lines are less impressive, and my beard looks humorous as opposed to glamorous when I am visually “puffed out”. I am right now the heaviest I have ever been in my life, though. I’m hoping to trim back down to my pre-medicated weight, which is when I felt very alive & happy.

I’m six feet tall, so when I’m chubby I’m still fairly attractive.

Yes! I get much better reception from the public in general, especially from men, now that I’m 50 lbs lighter than before. It’s really been amazing.

It depends on how fat. I prefer the looks of someone who is a little bit on the husky side, because they look snuggly. Someone massively overweight isn’t appealing to me, because I would always have to be on top. Someone really athletic Is fun for me to look at, but not to date, because I would feel insecure around them. And super skinny is a turn off, because their ribs would poke me during sex.

Of course, these are all my personal preferences. Everyone likes different things. And I can overlook a lot of physical flaws if someone has a sexy personality.

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I’m a widow and many say I should be dating…relatively young still. I probably obsess over my weight which is no good either. If your a person more intent on seeing what lies in a persons eyes, my answer would have to be no…

yes definitely…i used to be quite pretty now i’m just a blob with eyes…puffy eyes at that…something has to give and it has to be crap food. i am sick of being fat… i hate my body and double chin…i don;t care that i will have saggy boobs when i lose this weight i just want a waist back…i know i will never have a flat stomach again and that;s fine. i don’t want to be skinny at all, just a healthy weight and 13 stone is not healthy. i would rather be chunky and toned than skinny any day…
i’m working on it…time to ditch the treats, the junk, the chocolate, the pizza, the burgers, the cake and so on…for meat and vegetables…salads and jacket spuds, chilli and rice, spaghetti bolognaise…no more toast and butter and jam but porridge with sweetener, no more fry up but have grill ups instead.
it is possible to lose the weight. i lost almost 3 stone before but then was put on 3 weight gaining drugs…abilify, gabapentin and amitriptyline…it wreaked havoc with my diet…i will lose the three stone again and get back to a healthy ten stone, then tone up. my profile pic was taken after losing 3 stone over a year and a bit…this time it;s coming off quicker if i’ve got anything to do with it.
i don’t have to eat all this junk…the drugs and other things may make me want it but i don’t have to eat it. i can CHOOSE tto eat helthily to cook healthily and to maintain that so the weight stays off. my gabapentin was supposed to be raised last month, i refused…i’m not developing diabetes for any amount of pain relief. i cant exercise much due to pain but there are some things i can do like walk up and down the stairs multiple times in a day. according to my gp this is the best exercise for you and it;s free…
wish me luck :smile:


i think you are beautiful :sunflower:
my sister in law lost wieght from cutting out all sugar.
take care :alien:


i am a fat skinny boy… :angry:

Gabapentin made me super high, and hyper sexual. Does it do anything like that for you? I know a couple other girls have said it affected them that way.

erm…no i don’t think so…i’m no more sexual than before i took it i dont think though it does help with anxiety i think…but all it really does for me or rather did for me was make me hungry for sweet stuff and take the edge off of the pain.

Weird. Drugs are strange.

What kind of pain do you have? I have frequent migraines and arthritis. I rotate Excedrin Migraine and Imitrex for the migraines; and I take Etodolac and practice yoga for the arthritis. These all work very well for me.

yes and no depends on how fat you are I am fat and still think I am average to attractive to some but who knows and cares what others think of me when they see me I fairly like myself just wish I was skinny or thinner that’s all I am not asking too much I don’t think.