Do you like to read, I don't like to read

What is you favorite book to read if you like to read?


I like to read fantasy books

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I’m currently reading 4 books. One with the family, one with just Starlet, one alone, and one on audio book while I crochet.


Reading is my favorite hobby. Currently, my favorite genre is Scandinavian mysteries.

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I really cant get into novels anymore, I used to read kinda romance ones sometimes but now I just get so bored like I just don’t care about the story.

it is probably because I don’t know the good novels

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I read fantasy, sci fi, and zombie apocalypse stuff


I typically don’t like books, too much of a commitment. But I love articles. I like to read about whatever strikes my fancy, politics, art, cooking, health, anything really. I especially love reading on the computer, it’s easy on the eyes for me. Sometimes I’ll read for hours and hours on end. I tried reading books on the computer but I got bored with them too easily.

I only read on my cellphone and pc.
No ebooks either, not enough concentration and motivation.


I don’t really read either. It’s hard for me to find a book that can keep my attention- sadly. But the books that I have read I enjoyed very much.

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Before diagnosis I read lots. Three books a week sometimes. After psychosis I have struggled to read. These days I try to read everyday and make time before bed to read. It’s still an enjoyable thing to me just my concentration can waver. Reading everyday makes it easier and I try to read a chapter a day if possible.


I always try. I stopped buying books out of a compulsion. And I’m not buying new ones so far. I read 120 pages of Hugh Howey - Silo, in three days. But I put it aside. Haven’t read it since couple days. The only thing book related I bought was an audio book, because I had none, I cancelled my amazon account, I don’t like to support them. I rather support my local book store, or online stores that are surely take good care of the bookmarket.

The problem is, when I read to much I start hearing voices and get delusions. I also need always to have television quiet as background noise to be able to read. I can’t read in stillness, because the voices get to intense.

I like historical/cultural fiction.

My favourite series that I keep re-reading is “Earth’s children”, the first book being ‘Clan of the cavebear’.

The author spent several years researching cavepeople and visiting sites for archeological finds before writing each book in the series, and she wrote a fictional story about how they might have lived back then. The book is about a Cro Magnon girl who is raised by Neanderthals.

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I love reading. My favourite books were ones to do with religion and science like Dan Brown’s Professor Langdon series. And I like dramas and thrillers with secrets in them and how secrets are revealed or sought.

I kind of have a love hate relationship with books. There is nothing better than finding a book which you just cant stop reading, but I get bored a lot more often than I don’t I think. I think I find it hard to find books that spark my interest.

I like horror and crime thrillers

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho & Ernest Cline’s, Ready player one and his other books :drooling_face:

Very slow reader, prefer audiobooks!

Any romantic book. I like biographies too.

I used to love reading, but due to poor concentration and memory I can’t do it.

I love to read. And I love all books. Except highly technical books or very, very advanced books meant for scholars.

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i really just like to read the internet