Do you like the Rocky movies?

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You got it! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not voting, though, only because I’ve never actually watched one.

I watched some of them when I was a teenager and liked them then.

They are just not my thing.

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They’re free on Roku if you have a Roku box.

Strangely, the one i’ve seen the most is the one people hate on the most…Rocky 5!

i watched them all.

pretty good series.

based off a true story i heard.

I liked Rocky and Rocky 2.
I was also thinking about Sylvester Stallone and the movie Rambo the other day.
I like Stallone movies.


The first one is loosely based off of the story of a boxer by the name of Chuck Wepner from what I remember. He wasn’t terribly good but he’d take a beating and went up against a world champion. He lost valiantly.

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as i recall that is the story.

kinda like homer simpsons boxing career. haha.

Hahaha yeah. I have a feeling his opponents would tire out while giving him a beating.

i like ‘the escape’ as well, i watched it on holiday, loved it, Arnie was in it too :slight_smile:

Yeah. I’m not so hot on Rocky 5. I’d like to see Rocky Balboa and Creed’s 1and 2

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I thought it was based off the life of Rocky Marciano but not a true story

wikipedia is a reference tool to me and not to be taken as gospel or truth.

a quick search refreshed my memory and here it is.

sylvester came up with the movies. he watched chuck wepner and was inspired by that boxer to make the movies.

the inspiration for the character himself came from rocky marciano.

Oh yeah. I love the first one. I enjoyed one of the newer ones I saw too (Rocky Balboa - ? I think that was the title).

But Rocky is a classic example of how you don’t really need a huge budget or complicated story to make a great film.

A lot of people love the under-dog, and root for him/her in the movies.

There’s a classic guide to screenplay-writing that uses Rocky as an example for a great script.


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