Do you like meeting familiar people or not so familiar?

I like to meet people who are not so familiar because if I meet someone I know,would get me more anxious…is this anxiety or pure psychosis?

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I’d say it’s anxiety. I HATE meeting people I knew from back when I was on drugs or very ill. They remember me back when I could barely remember myself. I hate to think of what they do remember of the old me, the unstable me.

People who don’t know me from back then are easier to get to know because they have no idea how bad I was. The person they see now, is the only one they know. That makes it easier for me.


It depends who it is as far as familiar. Some i would definitely avoid, such as those SurprizedJ mentions as far as the drugs…In my case that was so long ago many of those people are either dead, or from what I have heard straitened themselves out.
There are people more recent I would not want to meet, but there are also people I have known who i wouldn’t mind meeting up with again.
I am very cautious about new people because you have to sort of feel out how much and what you can discuss with them. On rare occasion though I meet someone who I automatically sync with, and then you know it’s ok

I dont mind familiar people, it really depends on who it is, I am not friendly with every family member, some I really dont want to see. As far as unfamiliar people go, I do not like to confront unfamiliar people. The unknown really gets to me. I prefer familiarity and predictability - for me its psychosis and anxiety, I get paranoid a lot

I recently reconnected with an old high school pal. I was so nervous. I shouldn’t have been we are both different people now. Its much easier talking with familiar people.

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i think lots of people are like this its always a bit awkward bumping into somebody i know when out and about cause usually im only just holding it together i dont like change and like famil,iar people.

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i like those unfamiliar types, the dark and scary ones that appear in the night with distorted faces…but that is just me…joking.
take care

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You seem to improve a lot…I remember you used to rant about your symptoms,it seems now your doing better,nice!

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Personally I don’t really like to bump into anyone who Im not on familiar ground with. Id rather know the person reasonably well, otherwise it would be all ■■■■■■■■ talk.