I'm so bad at meeting new people

I make horrible first impressions. You too?

I’m so shy, stand offish, and avoidant that I have trouble meeting new people. I kinda got used to being alone. I do need at least a little human interaction, and where I live I am forced to get that. I’ve been thinking of moving into public housing and living by myself, but I know I would isolate myself and become sequestered from other people. I have to consider if I think I can do that without getting too far out there.

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Depends. Used to great at making friends then I developed a kind of fear of people which gets in my way. Symptoms don’t help at all.

I try to live by the philosophy that first impressions don’t matter. It takes time to get to know someone.

same as goes to me… :pensive:

It’s so sad, so sad… I couldn’t even meet my best friend’s girlfriend today because I was sketchy.

I don’t like meeting my extended family, I have anxiety in that way.