Do you like managing money?

I find it pretty enjoyable… only thing is I have to have money to manage it :wink: .


Lol me too but I’m actually bad at it.

Lately I’ve been saving though and putting it in the right places so that’s a bonus.

I can’t wait till I’m 40 im 29 now as I will have learned so much about money


Yes. I’ve even got all my bills and expenditures planned out for when I get my own apartment.

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I’m fine with money. My spending is a bit high though. I don’t consider much value to money when I am buying something. I bought gifts yesterday and spent 200$. It’s way too much for someone like me. It should have been 50-60$ I don’t see much value in a lot of different things now that I think about it.


I waste money. It needs to stop. NOW

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Sometimes I overspend on clothes. I have so many clothes. I don’t buy super expensive clothes typically but right now I have so many. Part of that was because everyone kept telling my clothes looked awful. When I have extra money from SSI I give it to my dad or spend it on food for my family. I still live with my parents so I feel like they deserve the money for taking care of me and everything. Part of me wants to put the extra money towards my student debt cuz I’ve got about 30k of debt in my name, and even more in my dads name. When i finally get a job the first thing I’m doing is paying back all the debt in my name, and then try to pay dad back about 100k. I don’t know exactly how much I spent on education, but I think 100k about covers it. I spent 3 solid years at a university where the tuition was 20k the first year and then I think it went up to 30k the second and third year. My fourth year I got 3 Ws the first quarter and then withdrew the second and third quarter. then I went to community college which didn’t really cost anything, and then I transferred to a state university and it costs almost 7k each year, and by the time I’m done it will have been 2.5 years of tuition from there. I can’t wait until I have a job and pay it all back. I plan on continuing with my parents until I pay back all the debt in my name and my dads name unless I get married or something. It’s a lot of money but if I’m not paying rent or other bills then paying back the debt should happen faster.

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I’ve been deemed incapable of managing my finances so social services give me a week allowance and pay all my bills which is good because I am rubbish with money… Hopefully with the money I’m saving I can afford two holiday abroad a year starting with my first one this December if I maintain my mental health. Without the appointee I would be unable to save.

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I don’t really like managing money but it’s a necessary evil when you’re on a low budget.


I’m really bad at managing money…I’m always impulsive and buy things.


Money has no hold over me and I have no hold over money.

I came here with nothing and tend to spend most of what I get. It’s not the greatest system and I rather don’t want to worry about money but I need to be more proactive with it.

Wouldn’t say it’s enjoyable. It is necessary though!

Actually yes. Sometimes it’s like a game.

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im usually calculated with my purchases.
except i waste money on fast food too much. but thats cuz lack motivation to make food.


I have a simple spreadsheet where I manage my money. Nothing complex, I do it to make sure I don’t spend out on stuff unless I can afford it that month.

My income and out goings are tight, so I have to check my sheet and the bank website once a week to make sure I don’t get into debt.

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Yes I can rather enjoy and love :two_hearts: it.

When I was a child I had a red piggy bank that I put money in and my mum even lent money of me to buy milk sometimes.

I am on the pension now but I plan my own budget.

I pay bills ontime and food for us and hygiene products etc

I enjoy writing a budget every fortnight and I spend my money rather well with the occasional fu## up.

I have some money saved so if my neigh needs a vet visit out of the blue I should be able to afford it.

I am saving for other things too.

I am rather proud I managed to do so and I even treat myself to occasional things.

I start buying Christmas gifts around June.

So far I have bought my mans favourite brand of socks and a sheet set wrapped up and some stuff for my mum such as a body lotion with a brand she loves.

And a chockolate for my boyfriends father that I plan on putting in a basket to make a hamper by filling the basket with little goodies.

Luckily I do not like that chocolate (so it’s still in the fridge):open_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::blush:

I do not smoke nor do I drink alcohol and I do not go to musicals or theatre or fancy dinners at restaurants (unless I’m shouted).

I plan my budget around my neigh and spend a lot on her food etc

I just read Donald Trump is giving Kim Jong Un a autographed CD of rocket man with Elton John .lol

That’s pretty awesome.


Buy a bottle of pasta sauce on sale for $2.00 or $3.00. Boil a big pot of water and throw a package of elbow macaroni in it that cost $2.00 or $3.00. Cook it for about 7 or 8 minutes. Drain. Put the pasta sauce in.
You got tasty food for a week. You can still buy fast food but you might at least buy 7 or 8 less fast food meals. Buy a can of corn to go with it and a glass of milk and a can of peaches or pineapple.


i never have money, but a good thing to do too is like. you can spend some extra money to get those little 2-lb cylindrical packages of meat and freeze them! u can thaw them in the microwave and use them for like… taco meat really easily !

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I’d prefer to earn or generate money and not be concerned about managing money. I’ll let someone else manage my money while I spend money.


I use the Mint app a lot… We are currently running into deficits each month but mainly because there have been a lot of changes with our extended families.

I find I am more price conscientious than I used to be and I think the best thing I ever did to help save money was to quit smoking many years ago.

I even made a little personal database app to track unit prices of items at different stores:

My health insurance is pretty lousy though and there is probably not much I can do about it.

My bf and I sometimes have pasta PACs from Aldi such as macaroni cheese .
That cost under $1 and we share that.
We also have sausages from Woolworths and some frozen veg and our dinner that night would cost $1.50 each.

I think I am more left winged because I care about animals and environment and I believe people who are sick should have a right to medical help and treatment and not be kicked out on the street if they are sick.

My father is politically right winged and always has been.

My mum I’m not sure as I was honk she has swung both ways like me.

I could be torn about it though as I think lefties can be very bad too n even hateful and like some guys who released minks in cages.
The minks were to become furr coats yes but they had good food and shelter and possibly even good enclosure so maybe they had s good life before but these guys took them from there cages and released them into the wild and they froze and or starved to death .

Also a legit politician had ruined environment .
He tried doing good but ended up ruining this place causing damage and great loss of money etc
While a righti may of come with inventions that help much more despite not talking so often about environment preservation n healing n fixing …
So I am a touch torn where I stand politically but i know nothing of politics .
I do really love some right winger leaders but was humiliated by a righti role a few actually .
I forgave them strangely enough do not hate em n I love my righti dad.:heart:

We actually buy lactose free milk for my man cheaper at Coles but shop in many different stores it’s foodland etc n more