Do you like christmas?

do you like christmas?

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I enjoy Christmas but I hate the hectic nature of the season.

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I like christmas eve

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yes, i love it, why?

because God became man to save us from our ways …and to enter paradise

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thats crazy talk lol

santa came down the chimney and emptied his sacks everywhere :joy:

I like cribmas…

I don’t like it, puts to much awkward pressure on those of us that don’t do anything a Christmas and have no where to go


I like the family time and the holiday music. The consumerism, like it, I do not.

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No but I would like to find christmas food also outside of christmas. :slight_smile:

Love the Christmas season. It’s just hard to get in the spirit of it with stupid AP medication. I am for sure going to set up my our tree :evergreen_tree: tomorrow at the latest. That’ll be a start. Then comes music, shopping, and snow!!!

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I love Christmas…it’s a christian holiday, (yes I know the pagans say it’s theres) but for me it’s the birth of Christ and a time of remembering Him…I already set up my Christmas tree and little electric snowy village with fiberoptic rivers everywhere…fascinating to watch.

I like chtistmas. I like drinking hot wine at a winter christmas market when its snowing quietly.

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If you know, you know

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Yes! I like Christmas. The only Christmas I ever hated was the one I spent in jail.

Yes. Free stuff. J/k.

In all seriousness it’s a holiday where we’re kinda all reminded of our humanity and doing good will on earth.

Plus it’s a nice treat during the cold winter and before the new year. :snowflake: