Do you like baroque and/or classical music?

For a few years in the late 1990’s I was really into a few classical music artists from centuries ago. It helped me through a bad time. And then I lost appreciation about 2002.

I still enjoy playing classic guitar and baroque music on guitar, especially baroque.

Who do you like? Do you believe like me and so many others that Beethoven was the all time greatest composer?


To be honest beethoven is probably one of my least favorite composers. Except for a couple of his peices which i love like moonlight sonata pt 1,2 and 3.
My faves would be chopin, liszt, mozart and vivaldi. But there are more.
Have you heard mozarts requiem? It blew me away when i first heard it while a little manic haha. I still listen to it frequently. Especially while reading epic books.

Never been able to get into baroque. I’m more into contemporary classical. I love Ludovico Einaudi.

Mozart’s requiem is great but I lack appreciation of anything else I’ve heard from him. I heard that the requiem was his last work and he died before it was completed and had a little bit written by another composer to finish it.

Why do you think I lost appreciation and do you think I can get it back? It really was fabulous.

Beethoven will always keep me humble.

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You should invest in a baroque lute!

I am content in my classic guitar, the lute has too many strings. A fun fact is the lute music is all tabulature.

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I guess its just personal preferance. I like mozarts rigid and sometimes repetitive style. I love his symphony no.25 for strings. Dont get me wong beethoven was an absolute brilliant man. I just havent heard much that i liked as much as some other musicians.

There are things that are not that good on guitar… Fugues for example. You are forced to change octave/ omit voices/ cut some voices short.

I am a self taught musician and play mostly by intuition. I don’t know those terms you mentioned. I like a piece of music with a melody so definite that it’s easy to figure out.

I’ve only listened to a smattering of classical and/or baroque music. I like a couple of Beethoven’s symphonies, but my taste in music is not sophisticated. Lately I’ve been listening to Irish music - the Rumjacks, the Pogues, the Dubliners, and a few others. Some of it is militant anti English music, going back in history, like the song “Come on out ye Black and Tans”. All of this Celtic music is stirring. Actually, I’m going against my heritage by liking this music, because I’m Scotch Irish on my mom’s side. I think our descendents are in Northern Ireland, not that that conflict means anything to me. It’s not over anything I care about. For a while I was listening to a lot of Dixieland Jazz bands on the streets of New Orleans. They’re very accomplished musicians. I might get into them again. There are other groups I like, but they’re run-of-the-of the mil American bands.

Bare Naked Ladies?

I don’t really know anything about them, so I don’t know if I like them or not.

The fugue is a musical form typical from baroque… It´s like 3 or 4 melodies going at the same time. With a lute you can give the importance to all melodies. With guitar you need to:
-change octave some melodies because lower notes are too low
-omit voices which is sad, but sometimes you have 3 or 4 melodies and you need to cut to 2
-cut voices short, because of fingering you cannot make full sound of each melody

I´m just talking about the limitations of the guitar to play baroque music…

I´m sorry Jinx I´m a nerd and a purist for baroque music!

Do you like Bach? Do you play the Bourree?

I memorized the bourree but forgot it over time. I had my own way of playing it. It sounds a bit different by a professional musician. For some reason I memorized it quickly and I have never memorized much at all because it’s hard. I think when you really like a piece of music or poem you can memorize quickly and easily. I am almost finished memorizing a simple baroque piece by anonymous so in public I can at least have one piece to play without sheet music besides some blues music I have learned in the recent past. I play other Bach pieces like Sleepers Wake which I play a bit different than I’ve seen on YouTube. I just feel like it should be played the way I do rather than maybe it was intended. I like it raw. I don’t know if this is improvising. I don’t always do that with music.

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I listen to baroque music on lute on YouTube regularly. I love Bach.

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My favorites are Beethoven, Chopin, and Aram Khachaturian.

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I was a concert violist. That’s mostly what I played. Classical music is very precious to me because of that.

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I like most classical music but I have to be in the right mood to listen to it. I’ve ripped lots of CDs to USB so I can listen to them in the car and I’m enjoying listening to Mahler and Vaughan Williams symphonies at the moment. Some years ago now I was really into Mozart and Beethoven. I still like them but I like to hear things I haven’t listened to before. I like Baroque too especially Bach and Vivaldi.

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