Do you know that you are schizophrenic?

Do you believe in it?


Only if pdocs say so and most did


I don’t believie pdocs at all, but I talk about the sz/sza

No, I don’t really accept it.


Yes. I have mild symptoms. I didn’t have any positive symptoms when I was first diagnosed in my early 20’s. I began to remember a bunch of stuff like dissociative episodes from my teens in my mid 20’s and was a little crazy but people liked me. I lived on a therapeutic farm community then. No positive symptoms other than some parranoia at times and was treatment resistant when they tried to prescribe an anti-psychotic. In my late 20’s I accepted it. My 30’s I got involvd with clubhouse international so I was accepted of having a mental illness. After my last hospitalization along with the rest of my 30’s it’s become a focus of my life defining who I am to myself and I don’t like that. All my friends from my 20’s through my 30’s have had some kind of mental disorder or addiction. I don’t like that. In my teens I wasn’t diagnosed and had normal friends. But I accept it yes.


No. I’m diagnosed with it but I don’t believe I have it. I’m also diagnosed with complex ptsd, and I do believe I have that


I’m not currently diagnosed with schizophrenia.

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I had my doubts, but I read the very detailed letter in a folder somewhere a couple of years ago that described the state I was in when I got the diagnosis.

There was no doubt at all, and I had all the Schneider symptoms. (I think that’s the name)


I accept that I have schizophrenia.

My psychiatrist used to ask me periodically if I believed I have schizophrenia and the only time I said no was when I was completely psychotic in hospital.

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I’m not 100% convinced but even if I am psychic I figure therapy is a good way to control it

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It’s either schizophrenia or a bad cold, it’s hard to tell.


I accept it, but fortunately, I haven’t had any positive symptoms for awhile. Just negatives.

I tend to be in denial about it. I like to think that there is nothing wrong with me. But on the other hand, I’m experiencing occasional hallucinations and am somewhat paranoid. It was worse last summer when I was taking only 5mg Abilify.

Even though I don’t want to, I need to accept there’s something wrong with me, regardless of whether the SzA is correct or not.


Part of me: oh ya, I have it. Part of me: I’m insane. Part of me: No, I got trauma, bipolar, and Asperger’s syndrome (mild case on the later).

I keep telling myself I identify as a computer simulator (formerly) and we live in a computer program and I suffered a lot over eternity. I thought I was an alien or possibly a cylon/replicant/android and ■■■■ lol. But if I had my mind uploaded to a computer how the hell can I get schizophrenia unless it was designed that way? What is my purpose on talking about past lives? I think it does more harm than good and especially annoys people to the point they don’t want to talk and interact with me.

I’m totally consumed by past lives and thinking remembering them all will cure me combined with the norovirus vaccine…

A computer simulator is someone who escaped the simulation once (past life) and created universes and stuff (artificial like this one). I try to remember stuff but I was on my computer at home. I think aliens were nice to me once, and now they hate me and I’m sick.

Last, to escape the universe, probably requires time travel or consciousness transfer.


No I don’t think I have schizophrenia. I do accept it as a possibility however.

I have been told, but I don’t think I’m and I doubt it.

I dont believe I am.

In just made sense when doctors diagnosed me…

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Frankly, I don’t know what my problem is because my diagnosis is sza, bp type. To have that diagnosis puts you in the strange position of being half sz and half bipolar.

All I know is that when I first started getting symptoms, I suspected sz or something like it. And when I was finally diagnosed with sza in my mid 30’s, I was relieved. It just made sense.


I really didn’t know what was going on before I was diagnosed. My Mom insisted that I see a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with SzA. I was relieved that there was medicine for it. Right now I not sure if there’s anything wrong with me. I’m taking my meds though.