Do you know hypnotherapy helps in sz..?

i just read in newspaper was like this…
hypnotherapy for mental illness…
have u went through it…??
do have any idea…???
as far as i know i don’t see any supportive stuffs for sz…

It seems unlikely given the lack of any compelling evidence:


The studies in this field are few, small, poorly reported and outdated.

Hypnosis could be helpful for people with schizophrenia. If we are to find this out, better designed, conducted and reported randomised studies are required.

This current update has not revealed any new studies in this area since 2003.


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Evidence, although inconclusive, has raised concerns that the dissociation necessary to participate in relaxation or hypnosis can lead to the manifestation of the symptoms of psychosis.

I think you need to talk to your doctor before embarking on hypnotherapy.


it helped me with symptoms like anger, paranoia, self hatred…etc.
it does not cure it but takes the edge for a while.
just my experience over twenty years.
take care :alien:

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