Hypnosis and schizophrenia?

PO: What do you think about hypnosis and schizophrenia

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After watching get out, no thanks.

It could induce psychosis. I’d be very afraid to do it.

Wouldn’t want to be probed like that

I was hypnotised when I was hearing voices and psychotic.

I later found out that it’s not advised.

I was then given a CD to listen to every night and you could not hear him talk because he was speaking so low to my subconscious.

Parts of it scared me and I don’t think I trusted him (or anybody then).

I remember he wanted to date my mum who was married then.

The voices did not miraculously go away overnight nor did the psychosis .

My father loves hypnosis and hypnotherapist and magicians etc

Some of the sounds that I did hear on the CD were scary to me.

I did get better though.

The voices stopped after years of having them etc

Not sure if it was because of the hypnosis.
Maybe it was as it was around that time.

I quit smoking too.

I sat in a comfortable lounge chair with headphones and he spoke to me then he gave me the CD personally made for me.

It’s not impossible that it helped me get better.

Not so long after the voices eventually stopped not more than a year after I don’t think.

A good hympnotist is a rare find. I quit smoking for 3 years cold turkey with hypnosis once. I tried it again several years later and it didn’t work.

The first guy I went to passed away already.

I think my old therapist practiced it illegally and induced my sz. I still to this day can’t be one on one with a therapist. I need a case manager with me

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