Does hypnosis work?

does hypnosis work what do you guys no about it

I’d be afraid to try it.

But according to google :

The studies in this field are few, small, poorly reported and outdated. Hypnosis could be helpful for people with schizophrenia. If we are to find this out, better designed, conducted and reported randomised studies are required. This current update has not revealed any new studies in this area since 2003.

I would never get hypnotized. That is like handing over all my mind to someone.

I’m pretty sure the consensus is that the hypnotist can’t make you do things you don’t want to do.
Interestingly, hypnosis is sometimes used before surgery to remove the feeling of pain (or at least the objectionable parts of it). But pain is under psychological control, so it makes sense.


I quit smoking with it once. Quit for about 3 years. Tried it again and it didn’t work so I would say it depends on the hypnotist. Unfortunately the first guy I went to died several years ago.

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it only works if you want it to work

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Worth a try.

Hypnosis may work for certain issues like recalling memories that may be too traumatic for the conscious mind to want to recollect. The fact is that one has to be able to release themselves to the person who is guiding them through the hypnosis. If one cannot do that, then it is difficult to be hypnotized. There is a great deal of evidence that supports hypnosis also.

It is not for everyone. Unfortunate preconceptions, stereotypes, and resistance to treatment can undermine benefits. The skill of the hypnotherapist, prior positive patient either observed or actual experience, and the level of motivation are crucial. Like many treatments, there may be need for booster sessions later.

I have not been terribly impressed with hypnosis for psychosis. However if someone asks about it, I would not discourage them from trying it.

Hypnosis does exist. But not everyone can be hypnotized. I think I’ve read somewhere that people with sz can’t be hypnotized very easily.

It only works when you want it to work. Its like watching tv commercials. Repetitive affirmations connected with emotions.

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