Do you instinctively know to how to interact with other people in meatspace?

Maybe not when fully symptomatic but otherwise? Or have you never had the instinct even pre illness? Like me.

Never, ever have I had an instinct to interact with people. Sometimes I’ve been less of loner.

I was always trying to fit in , pre diagnosis. Now not so much but it’s still there.

Yes, I’m pretty good at it. Much better than most mentally healthy men. I can be a little too much sometimes, but that enthusiasm usually works in my favor. Usually.

My social skills might have been a factor in my recovery. I don’t really know.

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Bwaaahaaaaha. Nope. Spent a fortune on Paul Ekman books…

…and I do communication skills workbooks. At least one a month. I have to work with the public continuously. I take notes after important conversations of what went right and wrong. I’ve created cheat sheets for certain types of calls that I can work through for when I get stressed and my mind goes blank.

Planing ahead prevents 95% of the problems I used to have.

There’s no instinctive for me at all. This is a hard-won skillset.


I do okay when it comes to interacting with people. I don’t do it as much as i did when i was younger, but i feel like i was more social in general when i was younger. Now i don’t interact as much but if i have to i am able.

I can socialize well with others in real life, depending on the situation.
The problem is that I usually don’t have the urge to socialize with others so much and I am not eager to search out for friends.
It’s by choice that I remain pretty asocial.

Most people annoy me.

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I’m a very social person. I can’t stand being alone. I used to be quite shy, but then it was like a switch got flipped in my brain and suddenly I had tons of friends and loved company. I suspect it had something to do with escaping my abusive environment.

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I tend to get too quiet and cautious around girls I like. But I am learning to overcome that as well. Otherwise I am usually pretty laid back and easygoing. I rarely make up for more than 30% of the conversation though. I let talkers talk. I am a good listener.

I find its like training a muscle for me. The longer i avoid people the more the muscle atrophies and when i be social often i get better at it over time. Right now my social muscle is pretty weak but im working on getting back out there


I struggle a lot to interact with people and do a fairly bad job at it. But, I’m not sure how much of that is caused by the illness, and how much is nerves and lack of confidence. I used to have some good friends, felt comfortable in their company, and was totally fine socializing with them.

I’m sorry but what the hell is meatspace?

In the flesh Circle as opposed to being online.


I’ve never had the instinct. I don’t interact with people. But I wish I did.

It means “in person” as opposed to cyber space.


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