Blank faces and no eye contact

Hi guys,I hate it when people look and stare at my faces sometimes…not because I am
Ugly but because I am embarrassed of myself not being able to make eye contact and smile,I look expressionless and sad,I want to feel happy but I really couldn’t…I am a little bit better with mirtazapine but things had seems to gone downhill this 2 weeks,what should I do?

I would want to stay at home daily so I do not need to meet people but I couldn’t because my parent force me to work daily,I am not lazy and do not mind work…but I really hate connecting with people,how can I get helped?

Am taking mirtazapine and abilify


I can understand the frustration you are having in relation to social issue. It could be caused by meds. Also it could be rooted in your personality. When there is no med helping your facial expression and eye contact, you could do a self analysis to your personality and persuade yourself to be nicer to customers you face everyday.

Life is good, so try to be softer, more relaxed and smiling to everybody, everyday around you.

take care


Thank you a lot for your kind words,would hope to do like you say

Meds can do great things but they only go so far.

As far as beefing up the social skills… well they are skills and can be learned and practiced. Behavioral Therapy and social classes can help a lot. There are books on how to get social skills… I’ve posted this one before


Also, you can google search “social skills for schizophrenia” and a lot of resources come up.

Think of your skills like a muscle… the more you work it, the stronger it gets. It’s not hopeless or beyond reason to get this part of your life back.


I think I am like you. It does seem rooted inside me, along with some other things. I think - it’s not not knowing the skills, but the danger I face when talking to people or looking at them and the lack inside of me.

I stay at home away from the world of other people. This is the way I’ve built my life. Actually I didn’t do that until my parents had both died, but I had a plan in place. My brothers have helped me.

Maybe the social skills work will be successful for you… You like weight lifting. That’s good.

I’m like you when I’m depressed. I hate being around ppl and can’t smile or interact normally. Mirtazapine is very good on depression BUT you can gain a lot of weight! I gained 30 kg in one year. I was like a starving wolf all the time and just ate and ate. It was never enough. Keep an eye on your weight. If you gain more than 4 kg you should try someting else.

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Put it to good use. Take up poker.

see if you can get cognitive behavioural therapy i have this too looking at the spot between their eye brows is less scary but they cant tell LOL

Bro,I still lives with my parent,I sometimes think how would life be if my parent had let me live alone and give me freedom,I bet I will be exercising and playing pc game the whole day,lol,pob,what’s the main different of your parent pass away and before,what’s the difference?

Auctioneers have taken my straight face to mean I’m a bidder.

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i know exactly what you mean. i feel the same way.

The main difference I notice is the lack of tension I felt with mostly my mother. I used to think that after she died, I would be more focused. But it was just the opposite - I’m less focused, kind of like a kite with no one holding the string.

The other difference is finally not seeing myself as an adult child still living with my parents.

I lived with them for 30 years.

Also living by myself - not the social type - I had no one at all to talk to. That can take a toll after awhile.

Why don’t you try other medication,maybe it can help with your negative symptoms or social dysfunction?

I’m ok the way I am. I take what I do for reasons. At this point altogether I am pretty happy. I went through some bad times the first place I lived possibly because of medicines I was trying. I live near my brother now. I talk to him a lot.