Do you hear your relatives' voices in your mind

Although my meds are working quite well and I get some good sleep, I still hear voices regularly. Often these voices may be on the voices of my sister or brother, but sometimes just some imaginary beings or some individuals whom I have met in the past. Typically these seem to have the tendency to increase my paranoia, which is why I just ignore these.

When I do hear voices, its often familiar voices like one of my parents

I USED TO HEAR MY MUM, DAD, BROTHER SISTER IN LAW, THEIR KIDS, MY KIDS, UNCLE, AUNT, COUSIN ooops sorry for shouting! but i don’t hear them much anymore as i don’t believe they’re real. i also used to hear neighbours too and parents at the school gates. i used to b very paranoid about them as i was programmed to believe they were real but i don’t believe that anymore at all and wouldn’t now even without meds. it was just plain old logic in the end that made me realize they weren’t real. experience can b a wonderful thing where voices r concerned. i don’t believe i’m telepathic at all now, not with anyone, though i still hear famous people all the time trying to convince me i am. i also hear the voices of the dead but i don’t believe in them either so i try not to pay them any heed.

Sorry to hear that it hapend to me tell I changed meds I had to much family stress and a low oxgen home too

Something I’m doing now like I have done in the past. Is notice when I hear the voices more often or less often today than yesterday, last week etc. I’m rarely hearing them at work but when I started a few weeks ago I was hearing them often. So it makes me feel good and more positive to realize I’m hearing them less often.

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No I don’t hear the voices of my familly members. It’s always this guy I don’t know…

some are family, others are well random, and there is just a couple like two voices
that i just cant pin down.

My problem with hearing these voices of my relatives is partly funny. Some voices are telling me what bad some other relatives might be doing. I know that these are unreal and so I ignore these. If I reacted to all voices, I would find myself again in the psych ward. It is like these relatives or family members are competiting in my mind. My father had also sz, and he, for example, thought that neighbours came to our house and poisoned our coffee. The only problem with him was that he reacted to these voices and delusions and I had to control his behaviors. He had his risperdal meds. Well, this was already 10 years ago. Nowadays he hardly recognizes me when I visit him at the elderly care facility. I have good videos of him from the 2000s, because I used my camcorder to record our lives.

you are a relatively new member he.
my father thinks alike, and hes without medication. i dont know what condition he has.. yet he doesnt even trust me with pouring coffee

thks dad.

No but I have talked to dead family members in my dreams. Vivid dreams are a side effect of my meds. It takes me a while to come back to reality when I wake up.

My voices are sort of a variation of people I know. If I’m around a large crowd of family for any length of time I will have those conversations on a loop in my head. I hear my family, but it’s just like a recall of what they actually said when I saw them.

After a bit, like a week or two, it all starts to fade and I’m back down to my original 5. My worst one, the one that will really upset me is a version of my kid sisters voice when she was about 6. Little lisp and all. It really upsets me.

The voices i always hear are of my dead relatives. mainly my grandmothers. Sometimes when the medication is not working I can hear people calling me but yet no one is. It is confusing. I have really good days then bad days. Its hard to figure out sometimes. I have to remember to take my medication every night. I hate taking it because it makes me sick to my stomach but the doctor gave me something for my stomach. i don’t like being awake half the night because they keep me up so i take something to help me sleep. i have so many extremes. i feel like i am on a roller coaster ride. i feel alone sometimes even though I am surrounded by a supportive family. Between my husband and kids helping take care of me and motivating me every day. I think I would rather stayed locked in my house.