Do you have sz/sza poll

Just wondering if there are people on here who don’t even have sz/sza

  • I have sz/sza
  • I don’t have sz/sza

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For people who do have sz/sza, do you have posi symptoms, neg symptoms or both?
I have both +/- symptoms, no med has ever changed that even after 7 years.

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I have both as well as cognitive symptoms


I have sza I have mainly neg symptoms right now but still get pos symptoms when stressed

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My current diagnosis is psychosis, but I have been diagnosed sz previously.

My intitial dx was psychosis nos, then sz, then sza

Sza, both positive and negative symptoms.

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Mine was recently changed from schizophrenia to schizoaffective. The disorder is elusive. I could be on the Autism spectrum as well. For schizoaffective–rn I am most worried about impulsive decision making, de-realization, and disconnection. I have not had the psychosis for awhile, but it could happen if I were to not sleep for a few days or smoke weed or take anything too psychoactive. I think addictive is more-so impulsive-ness for me. Its addictive to go to the casino–but I have no sense of that’s wrong/can’t do that, and I kept going even after I lost twice in a row. I’m trying to get my life together.

Labels are umbrella terms…do what helps you or improves your life.

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My current diagnosis is bipolar disorder.
But I’ve been diagnosed with SZA many times before.

I get worried almost everyday that the meds will stop working and I will be psychotic again and in the hospital again, I think many have that fear? It sucks, I wish you good recovery

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sz, i got mostly negative symptoms and some residual positive symptoms but they not bothering me too much though.

That happened to me when one day Invega stopped working

Thank you. I’m pretty sure it was the marijuana that my mom smoked that made her meds stop working suddenly/and now she is refusing to take them. She’s ok for now but I’m really worried for her sake its stressing me out a bit…

I just got out of the hospital a week ago the psych ward part wasn’t bad at all. Everyone was really nice there and it was just kind of bleak. Most of the patients didn’t talk to each other. I know that it could happen again to me but I will work hard on maintaining my mental health.


Sz, no positive symptoms but lots of negative symptoms.

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Was it only inevga that happened? How long were you on it? The longest I’ve been on one a med is 3 years. I was switched a lot on the beginning at the hospital, and a few times since then.

the doctor diagnosed me as sz

but i doubt if i have that

and i think i have mostly negative symptoms

yeah, no autism here, but I think I might have a little DID,
nothing severe.
But I talk to myself in 3rd person.
nobody has diagnosed me.
I wouldn’t even know what the treatment would be,
besides what I’m doing now. Doc wanted to raise my meds,
but I said No way, I don’t want to gain weight,
I’m in the lower 160’s and that’s fine with me.

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I was on invega for like 5 years and throughout it started to have random paranoia attacks and then one attack turned into an episode

I was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia from 2015-2019, then it switched to sza. In 2021 it switched again. Im not 100% positive what is on my records now.

My sza diagnosis is probably going to be changed and i always thought i didnt have sz or sza so i voted i dont have it i only had voices talking about my thoughts but they dissapeared as i started using the medication i have some cognitive symptoms but its probably autism and adhd.

My diagnosis for all of the past 27 years has been Sza, bipolar type. I sometimes get positive symptoms still. I live with negative and cognitive symptoms.