I think I have sza not sz

I think I have sza not sz as much as the pdocs said I have sz. Because ever since my illness began 14 years ago I have had severe mood problems as well as the psychosis. After researching I don’t believe I have bipolar as my psychosis is not dependent on my moods. Sometimes I hear voices when I’m ok mood. But I think I have sza rather than sz because my moods played a big role. Each time I was hospitalised it was always for depression or self harm hardly ever voices or delusions. My psychosis was never severe enough to warrant hospitalisation only my moods esp depression.

So want to see my pdoc soon and get her opinion on my thoughts.

What do you think? Does it sound like I have sza rather? I find it fits the description better. I mean, with sz the mood is more flat than volatile up and down and depressions isn’t it? I do feel dead a lot but in the history of my illness I’ve had roller coaster unpredictable moods.

It’s crazy! And very frustrating!

I’m kinda the same, I think I have a lot of Bi Polar symptoms, but I also gave up on the labels, as every doctor I have dealt with over the years have different opinions, so as long as my meds are working, I think it’s the best I can do.

It’s so hard to tell the difference. Maybe ask to be treated for depression and see what happens. You might function s whole lot better

I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder by a psychiatrist over 9 years ago, and he got it wrong.
My paranoia was caused by anxiety and not psychosis.
But I did have bipolar.
As you hear voices and have had depression, then sza would be a possibility.

If your mood issues are severe enough to warrant hospital, then I think it’s worth getting evaluated for schizoaffective. I personally have it and like you’ve mentioned most (not all) of my hospitalizations had a big mood component, on top of psychosis.

Your life is crap regardless on whether you have the “a” or not. Most of us lose 10-20 IQ points. That is some serious crap.

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If over the whole course of your illness, you have always had mood symptoms, I would tend to agree with you.

I lost 32 IQ points. That is really serious crap.