Do you have, or ever have had, any of these phobias? (POLL)

The poll below has all of the major phobias I’ve had at some point in my life. I’m just wondering how many of you have these phobias.

  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Fear of deep water
  • Fear of snakes
  • Fear of clowns

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Teaching got me past my fear of public speaking, and skydiving got me over my fear of heights, but I still have the other three.

The fear of deep water is because I never really learned how to swim, so anything deeper than chin-level and I won’t get in the water.

I think a lot of people have a fear of snakes; for me, it could be a little garter snake and I’ll move away from it, don’t want to be anywhere near it.

Clowns are just freaky and creepy as hell.


I have a fear of heights but it’s not a phobia. Should I still vote?

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yea, I don’t know if they count as phobia’s, but they are definitely fears

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Back in the days of vcr’s arachnophobia (the movie) came on tv. Mum didn’t know how to spell arachnophobia so she just labelled the tape ‘spiderphobia


I have a fear of heights. Deep water no. I grew up on boats. And clowns I don’t fear at all either. Snakes I used to fear less but now that I know what they can do, them and spiders yeah they creep me out and some other slimy creepy crawly insects/small animals. Chills down the spine.

Public speaking?? Ive heard this is mankind’s biggest fear. But I was decent at this always. Speaking in front of class became my strong suit.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have used the word “phobias;” there are different interpretations of phobia or -phobic, but I’m referring just to fears in general.

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I’d add birds to the list.
I saw a clown walking down the street not too long ago. That freaked me out.

I fear all of them except clowns.

I didn’t used to be afraid of heights, but as I’ve gotten older and let stable in my feet I get nervous being in ladders and things now.

Are you sure your schizophrenic? :smile:

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I always have dreams where I fall of a building, or drown in the ocean. Clowns are alright, unless it’s those ones you see on TV stalking people and appearing out of nowhere in the night.

Lol, yeah I definitely am schizoaffective.

All of my skydiving jumps were done in my early 20s, though, in the years prior to my first psychotic break. I just had mood symptoms and mild psychotic symptoms back then.

I won’t do it anymore, because I’m afraid I’d act on an impulse and unbuckle my rig/pack and fall to my death.


I have trypophobia which is a fear of small clustered holes. It is not that I am fearful but feel an absolute disgust for them.

Try it for yourself… :smiley:

Most of these are ok , but some of them yuuuk!


Honestly I have no problem with snakes. I don’t want them on me but I’m fine with touching them and seeing them. But SPIDERS. Yuck! Disgusting creatures…

  • I have a fear of spiders
  • I don’t have a fear of spiders

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I’m the same way.

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Have you seen the surinam toad that gives birth to its live young through holes in its back?

Gee, it’s bloody hideous.

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Yuk!!! :tired_face: 1544444

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Do you want to see it? I couldn’t help but google it.

Be prepared for something revolting! :smiley:

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Oh man!!
That is utterly disgusting!!! :tired_face:

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It cracks me up, as it is the only way I can handle it. :rofl:

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