What are your fears?

Mine are children and water. I have other fears but these two are the basics.

I can’t abide snakes of any kind

fear of the unknown



The great and terrible taboo.

My family.

Sneaky hobbitses stealing My Precious. They wants it, they do. Gollum! Gollum!





That everyone I care for will die.

I have a long list of things I fear, but none of them are like phobias or anything. I used to be pretty good about dealing with heights, but when I started getting on the computer it gave me vertigo. Now I get dizzy when I am on something high.

Spiders, heights and ending up completely alone.
I have an insidious background paranoia too but it’s kind of too general to write down here. By background I mean it’s mild but ubiquitous.

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Lol Everything.

Humiliation and shitting myself in public and both of these tings.

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Hidden things in the past I can’t talk about.

Are you afraid someone will force you to “open up”? Because I think I did a lot better when I was strong about not spilling my guts.

Yes, I think so.

Thanks for the reinforcement.

Yeah. Don’t do it. You have the right to the privacy of your own mind. You will talk about these things when you have had the time to develop an understanding of why and when it will not be self incriminating.

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There are some things in my life I never talk about. I never even let my mind go there. It’s as if there is a wall built in my mind, and I’m not allowed to cross that threshold. Does that make sense? That’s the stuff I’m afraid of.


Yes alien it makes a lo of sense. Like chords sense you can go there when your good and ready.

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Hi @dandydinmot. Long time no see. How have you been?

Hi Im good I got a good councelor and it’s really helped me. And I’m going on holiday to Nepal in two weeks can’t wait! How are you?

Hey, Nepal sounds cool. I hope you have a great time!

I’m doing pretty well. Went out to dinner with my wife this evening and I had a steak. She had steak tacos. :smile:

Glad the counselor is helping. Don’t be a stranger! It’s good to see you’re doing well.

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