Do you have faith in humanity?

  • Yes
  • No

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I don’t. People are evil and cruel. They have always hurt me and stopped loving me.

I HATE people.


I have no faith in humanity, many people are suffering or in painful poverty and nobody cares.


I agree. People don’t care about me.

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I think the answer is yes.

I think we’re making progress, and that while inter personal relationships aren’t doing too hot, that over all humanity is figuring out how to manage and I think slowly we’re getting better.

I feel optimistic about the future.


Not as a whole, but there are humanbeings i have faith in. I refrained from voting.

Yes I have faith in humanity.
Humanity is awesome.

Yes, I have faith they’ll screw me over every chance they get, lol.


I think there are a lot of good people out there making a positive difference. But there are also a lot of people who only see themselves. I want to make a positive difference.


There are some moving examples in literature and films of priests who lost their faith in god but continued on regardless with their pastoral duties. With humanity I believe in something similar, lack of faith shouldn’t change our sense of duty towards mankind.

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Humanity is cruel, self destructive, and self righteous. But sometimes humans come around that makes the whole mess worth it.

I don’t like the masses, but I love certain people. That gives me some faith.


I hate humanity. If guns were legal in the UK I’m sure I would have shot an MP by now.


From what I have seen, I think you are your own biggest hater.

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I use to have faith in humanity but my lessons I have learned made me to distrust the majority… So I voted no… But there are a lot of good people out there as well


I have faith in humanity, got too man, staying positive is the way to go being negative is path of destruction. Stay in light not in dark.

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Yes definitely.

People do awful things but people can improve themselves and change and learn and do great good things.

I have improved myself.

I just want us to do more for the environment and animals and people before too much damage is done.

So much damage can be overwhelming and feel hopeless and might not be fixable as such such as if animals become extinct…

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When covid struck, my town started a volunteer grocery delivery service to people who couldn’t leave their homes. I was one of them, and I met a lot of good people who stepped up to help out. Local farms gave away milk and meat from restaurant orders that weren’t fulfilled. I see people marching in the streets of my city every day because they believe in a world where we are all free. When I had covid, a perfect stranger brought me peanut butter and protein shakes because it was all Starlet would eat. She didn’t even ask for any money. When I got better, I gave away my old baby stuff to people who had babies born during the shutdown and were unable to buy things in stores.

Yes. I believe in humanity. Even more than I did in 2019.


Did you get your sense of smell and taste back? I didn’t for 18 days, yesterday I started smelling and tasting a bit but its very weak, some things I can’t taste or smell at all.

I didn’t lose mine. But in all honesty I didn’t have a confirmed case. There weren’t enough tests when I got sick so they told me to just behave as though I had it. But the trouble breathing, the fever, the cough, all of it.


I know that some ppl don’t loose their smell and taste from covid. The coworker who infected my mother she didn’t loose her taste and smell. She and my mother both tested positive. My father too.

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