Who else has lost faith in humanity?

I have seen some of the absolute worst human beings can be where I’ve grown up to where I can only really recall outright feeling joy in my life when I’ve caused suffering to others especially if they deserved it because I only see our species as a virus that is taking over the host cell that is Earth and destroying it in our wake and it’s only a matter of time before we spread to other cells in the organism that is the universe.

I’m not as down on humanity as you are, but there are some things that have happened to me that have shaken my faith in the decency of people.

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I would maybe feel bad about the joy from other’s suffering thing except I learned hard starting from an early age there is no real justice system in the laws of physics, or at least in relation to me for atrocities committed against me, so I can’t believe in the concepts of good and evil. For me it’s all just how much people can tolerate things.

I’ve felt like that in the past… Once I figured we are part of nature, and nature has it’s ways of florishing again in different and unthought of by humans ways, I gave up those notions. We are all part of it.


It sucks when you are forced to become a nihilist to cope with life because it eventually spreads like a poison to everything else you know and my quality of life is honestly ■■■■ where I’m going around currently not even believing my own suffering has any meaning or value because my response to it is just a chemical reaction to prevent damage like most animals have and I can’t even write music anymore at the moment because I’m just seeing it as a bunch of mathematics and I never figured out how to be creative in math.

Yeah man. If people are just simply absolutely trolling this self help website for very sick people then yeah I have absolutely no faith left in humanity.

Pretty ■■■■■■ up.

Well I’m sorry you’re going through a rough patch but that negativity can’t have an influence on me today. :blush:

Take care


When you think about it, the rules and laws we’ve come to accept now didn’t exist in pre-history. I guess that’s why I laugh at something like PETA now, because animals are always killing other species in the wild.

Cats are particularly funny because they like to torture things before they kill them and sometimes when they don’t even intend to eat them. But then they can be like my cat and be the most loving affectionate creature I know.

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Well from my experience people who don’t understand our mental illness of schizophrenia sometimes like to treat us like crap because it’s entertaining to them or whatever.

Yeah you’re right. It gives them the illusion of power. So ■■■■■■ up. I’m outa here. Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t know anyone could actually be able to do that.

I’m not saying everyone is going to be the epitome of filth in terms of how they treat others but I’ve found it’s a good idea to have a moderate amount of paranoia combined with good judgement when dealing with people. Unfortunately with schizophrenia that’s easier said than done at least for me.

Haha, yeah. That’s what it is. Like who the hell does this ■■■■.

People who are bullies. People who don’t feel good about themselves so they put others down to try to fill the void.

Do you see the connection?


Yeah. I would have went straight to the police but some people that I actually cared about were involved.

This is a recovery oriented website. I urge you to be more supportive towards others. This kind of thread isn’t very good for those of us that are trying to get to terms with the reality surrounding us. I urge you to try and be more understandind of others before you post. Once you said it you can’t really take it back.


Well sorry I was trying to gauge if other people with my illness have been treated badly because of it like I have to get a point of reference.

I tried to delete the whole thing but I guess there’s no delete button for threads.

I’m sorry to say but that’s pretty ■■■■■■ up.


get the point?

Just be kind and you’ll get it back.