Do you have any funny stories from a psych ward

I have one. Once I was in the psych ward and one person was brought to the ward. He was well educated and was a sales manager in some firm. His mind was messed up for some reason. What happened he did not want to stay and escaped somehow but was brought back after some time. When he came back I welcomed him to the ward. I told him that he will fit in quite well. I thought this was funny.

When I was once in the psychiatric ward of a general hospital (before being transferred to the local government psych hospital), there was another lady in with me who was very outgoing and laughed and joked all the time. One day she found a picture of a baby orang-utan in a magazine I had and decided to stick it up on the wall of the ward using old bubblegum. Every time I saw the picture up there I laughed myself silly, because it was so cute and so funny. :smile: Her laughter was contagious, she brightened up a very boring ward! When I was transferred to the psych hospital she went with me in the ambulance and we were together in the High Care admissions ward. I was very unhappy and scared when I was there and she comforted me and helped me feel better with her hilarious ways interacting with the other patients. When I was transferred to another ward I missed her a lot. I never saw her again, but I will always remember her.


I was on day leave from a state hospital and I thought that there were many people there that didn’t have as much as I did. So I bought some presents that I gave to folks on the condition that they share with anyone who asked.

This was the south so I bought some chewing tobacco and gave it to this rednecky good old boy. There was a new admission who was a farmer and true to form the good old boy offered him some chaw, and he proceeded to take the whole package and stuff it in his face.

Later the good old boy and a friend came to me and thanked me for the gift and recounted the story, and added “that guy’s crazy”. I didn’t laugh at the time, but thinking about it, I laugh at how sanity is so relative.

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When I was in Stanford Hospital I organized a touch footfall game out on the back lawn. So here were all us patients running around playing football. At this same hospital we had a basketball court. I remember we were playing a game of H-O-R-S-E and this cute 17 year old girl beat me. So being insecure, I made her play again until I beat her. Wow. I beat some medicated, friendly, petite, little girl! Lol.

I remember one guy who sat out back in a deserted part of the hospital in the bushes and he was reading the entire dictionary cover to cover. I was always friendly to the guy but it seemed just a little weird.

I went walking in my sleep one night. I didn’t know it until the next morning when the nurses laughingly told me I had come out of my room the night before and babbled to then for a couple of minutes then went back to bed. That’s the only time in my life I had ever sleep-walked.

In the long-term hospital we occasionally had people who lost control and flipped out and got violent towards anyone in the vicinity. The staff had a big net that they would throw on these people to subdue them. It struck me as funny, but tragic.

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when i first went in i was always mistaken as a nurse, and when i told other patients there i was one as well theyd always look surprised cos on the outside youd think there were nothing wrong with me.
but yea heres two things that happened:
when the first day i moved into the ward, someone who was leaving the hospital sparked a fat j in his room, the smell was all down the hallway and i asked the nurse if she could smell it, and she asked me ‘what do i smell’ and at this point im thinking that i really am going f***ing crazy. then the head nurse came about half hour later and looked pissed, kicke the guy out and started spraying air freshener. i got to know that nurse after but at the time i could not believe she didnt know the smell of weed.
in the hospital i learnt very quickly that weed was very prevalent. every time id go for a ■■■ someone would be smoking a joint or just smoked one.

i had day leave pretty quick but evenings were always boring so i started putting movies on my phone and hooking it up to the tv in the ward, so wed have a group of people to watch movies then. the staff on shift were fine with it so i just carried on doing it and eventually started taking requests.
the staff then started asking me how i was getting the movies and i told them i download them online, it got specific like how to do it and whatnot, but they would always ask individually, i remember one time i changed meds cos i wasnt sleeping so i switched to one (forgot the name) which i take at night and it basically sedated me and after about an hour i would have to knock out. well i took the med and one of the staff wanted to know how to download online so i went into the main office, im trying my best to stay awake explaining how to do it and i told him i can show you on the computer, then he was like ‘no, no’ cos the head nurse was in his office, i then wrote down instructions what he needed to do. so after that im thinking, alright i can finally go to sleep now. i start to walk to my room then the head nurse calls me to his office, im thinking wtf, and he started asking the same questions as the guy before!
i found this funny cos the staff didnt want to get into trouble so they kept it low key but really i was giving info to most of the staff…also cos i managed to explain all this to two people whilst struggling to stay awake.

my room mate in the ward came in one morning and was very upset. I asked him why and he said “they’ve been poking and prodding me every chance they get and now guess what I have to do?” I guessed more blood work. he said, “NO, I have to ■■■■ in a box !!” I started laughing and he changed his demeanor and started laughing too until we were both just cracking up really hard.

Friend of mine worked in a psych ward , when an apparent police man and a another man arrived to the main admissions desk , the man turned to my friend who was approaching them both and said ’ ah nurse this guy thinks his a policeman’ ,after which some of the staff moved towards the guy in the policemans clothes. It turned out that the apparent policeman was infact a policeman and he quickly interrupted and said something like ‘no no no , his the mad one’. The cop was accompanying the man in because he had turned psychotic when part of a green peace demonstration.


First time I was in I tackled some guy who worked there…they stuck a needle in my butt after. He tried to press charges on me but the other doctor staff suggested not to so he didn’t.

Another time…no I won’t go there.

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i got everyone to sign a petition for a barbecue in the garden

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Add political organizer to your resume.


The most excitement we got up to other than the occasional punch up. Is they once let us go out for a ‘walk’ so en route we found a pub!

They then proceeded in telling us on a hot day that we weren’t allowed beer!

So we sat in the beer garden drinking cola and lemonade in the sun!

I was in a psych ward of the local hospital. They had a nice kitchen fully stocked with food.
A woman I had made friends with was an engineer that rode horses like me.

We were trying to figure out how to work the microwave and were quite perplexed when we rembered the joke how many engineers does it take to run a microwave?

Well it was funny at the time anyway since we both were a little out of it.

I’ve been stuck in a crisis assessment center but not an actual psych ward. Everyone was on some other ■■■■. Guys asking the nurse for food in the voice of death, some guys sleeping, some guy well dressed and calm sitting there and asking me why I was even there, some guy on who knows what saying he was trying to sort his thoughts out, a bathroom not fit for vomiting in, a guy who looked at me and laughed his ass off, a guy who was asking me what it’s like in the room when I left, oh boy. There were no females. If there were, bad things would have happened due to my state of mind at the time.

When I was discharged, I was asked to sign two papers and I carefully read them and refused. The guy said I should become a lawyer.

I was last in hospital in December 2012 til January 2013. I remember there was one girl I could see out of my bedroom window in the courtyard laughing in hysterics at nothing… It really humored me but scared me at the same time as to how unwell you can get

The same woman I met. Marta told me this story.
She was gong to a camp or something and they provided lunch. They gave her a handkerchief to wear on one arm to make people aware of her peanut allergy.

Her husband asked what it was for and he though he was told it was a sign she was Nuts. He he went ballistic that there was descrimination.

That was funny I think.

During my first hospitalization I talked to someone on the phone who, in retrospect, simply didn’t exist. During my second hospitalization I met someone who called themselves “the king of Canada”.