Do you have any funny stories from a psych ward

I use to read the dictionary to reprogram myself in a more positive way.

I began to exclude words and their definitions.

This one guy began to walk the ward in a circle.

So, i began doing it to.

And then another guy and another guy.

Fairly soon we were all in a line walking around in a circle.

The women could see us from their side and remarked on it a little bit.

It was that ■■■■■■■ boring in there i tell you, we had every reason to do this.

I remember doing that. I didn’t sit in the bushes, I sat on the sofa at the end of the hall. Then I read the Thesaurus. I liked it better.

Did you finish the thesaurus?

Couldn’t a person read a thesaurus forever? It would just go in a circle wouldn’t it?

I don’t think I ever did finish it. It was a circle with in a circle. I liked all the choices it gave me.

One woman looked me very solemnly in the eyes when she came up to me.

She reached out and rubbed her thumb across my forehead and said “simba.”

I was dubbed by the psychotic dream worker the heroic cartoon lion that was destined to return and save the land from the evil rulings of scar.

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Wow, that is quite a dub.

I was only ever dubbed… a harmless pester.

Thats a good good dub though.

Not ■■■■ wrong with being harmless in my opinion.

Harmless is great.

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A like from j, can’t argue with that.

There was a borderline female patient there on the psych ward, who planned her “escape” route.
She wanted to escape from the ward somehow - I thought it was funny, but I kept my nose clean, because I wanted to get out on time

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I was very close being in psych ward once, i was psychotic and whent to a small hospital for a imaginary complain. They took blood sample and couldnt find anything, they asked if i am suicidel or willing to kill someone, and i was not, so i went home untill my delussion subsided and i realized i am in a psychosis…

When people go to psych ward? I see lot of people on the street being psychotic, yeling at people fighting with their visuall hallucinations, and they are not arrested and taking to ward.

When I was homeless and not in anyway lucid, I was left alone a lot. The few snips that vaguely surface didn’t seem to cause anyone enough concern to take me in.

It was when I started running around in the shopping district actually bothering people and scaring them and obstructing traffic… that is when the cops took me in… thinking I was drunk…

While in the drunk tank… I just got worse from there. That is when I was involuntarily committed. If I hadn’t bothered anyone or impeded traffic… I most likely would have been left on the streets a little longer.

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