Do You Have a Phobia?


I just had an MRI and realized that might freak some people out if you are claustrophobic. I took a Klonopin in case it did freak me out. My phobia is not being able to breathe. So from my bad experience with ECT, waking up too soon, has given me a phobia of the treatments. Do you have a phobia or something that gives you anxiety? :sunny:


lots, but most of them got better now - sickness, germs, eating fish and certain other foods, thunderstorms, talking on the telephone, crowds, enclosed spaces, dentists, doctors, hospitals, speaking to strangers or a lot of people, sometimes driving as well.


I have a fear of being locked up and drugged. I have a fear that every strange man I meet wants to hurt me.


I’m scared of heights and spiders. That’s my phobias.


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Here is my list of personal phobias - Fear of

  1. Doctors and Dentists
  2. Elevators - Closed in places
  3. Getting lost while driving alone
    5.Driving on the freeway alone
  4. New people - places
    There is much more to my list, there is no room or time for me to continue


I’m afraid of being enclosed in a small space. Being around a lot of people, doctors, dentist and getting sick


My phobia is barking like a dog. There are times I get severe vertigo and make grunting noises when I am dizzy. :dog2: :dog:


Fear of fear. Fear of heights.


I have Mottephobia (fear of moths)


I do have a fear of heights
Getting lost
Driving in heavy traffic
A bit afraid of the telephone (it’s always bad news on the other end )


I had all kinds of social phobia,I must change this