Poll: Which one?

  • Agoraphobic
  • Claustrophobic
  • Somewhere in between

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I’m wondering if I’m the only Claustrophobic?

Open space with no one else in it sure does help calm me down…

I remember TOO much space would make me panic… it can be very vulnerable… very exposed.

but during an anxiety attack… walls are closing in on me… I need to get outside. If I don’t get out… It will just get worse.

A park with trees sure does help.

Somewhere in between. I didn’t like having an Mri and being inside such a closed space. I also don’t like open spaces.

Yeah somewhere in between here too. I get a little claustrophobia, it was worse when I was young

Too small a space will make me flip out…

I can’t handle elevators… especially crowded elevators… NO way can I get in one.

I have Agoraphobia but am also Claustrophobic to an extent.

I did not not know that there are so many Agoraphobic Schizophrenics.

Usually Agoraphobia occurs with panic disorder or severe anxiety - scratching my head on this one.

I have mild agoraphobia. Re claustrophobia I have to use lifts(when they’re out even walking down 11 floors totally knackers me) but wouldn’t like to get stuck in one for a prolonged length of time. Ditto being shut in a small space like a cupboard .
I guess therefore I might qualify as in between.

That’s good J that you are in that type of outdoor job, not only do you make money, and like it, it helps your symptoms as well. Maybe we all should consider working outside.

mrs. sith is claustrophobic…!?! :woman:
take care :alien: .

I’m neither

I’m more like femalophobic

somewhere in between.

Since I was15 I always experienced acute anxiety being among people. It’s something that has largely shaped my life.