"Have you taken your meds?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?"

I hate I always get asked this by my family for any reason whatsoever

It’s demeaning


I take my meds all the time, I don’t get this. If I had gotten upset at my family maybe they would use this one one me. My immediate family knows my compliance so they don’t use this but they might eventually say you need to see the psychiatrist to demean me.

Haha, my mom always asks me if I have been taking my meds for anything she deems out of character for me. Like when I was having pains in my chest and wanted to get it checked out. She asked me “Are you taking your meds?” because I was kind of a hypochondriac when I was psychotic. She asks me that fairly frequently anytime she thinks something might be “off” with me. It IS very annoying.

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Thanks for the reminder, last night I didn’t take them until 4 in the freaking morning. A few hours later and I would have had to skip the dose.

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Whenever I get upset or try to stand up for myself my brother will ask this question. It makes me feel like I’m not supposed to have feelings or express myself


Man this has been the bane of my existence for a looong time now jk haha actually my ACT team seems convinced that 1. I’m not “med compliant” 2. I’m “on drugs” that one’s a hoot coz I haven’t had so much as a toke in ten + years, and 3. I’m not keeping my apt “up to standards” well it’s not lab clean but it’s landlord clean, which is all that matters. For the minimal amount of assistance I get from these people, seems like they’re scrutinizing me a little too closely. I hope that isn’t just my raving paranoia over-amplifying simple matters again, I often can’t tell the difference. Paranoia has been dogging me last couple days. Bad juju.

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Haha - I always get that from my brother. Its like im not entitled to be in a bad mood now and again - and i must have lost the plot.

my mum asks me if i have taken my meds after the time has passed when i should have taken them.

I know, I get sick of it too.

I’ve been taking my meds for 25 years straight. People don’t ask me if I take them. I’m very good at hiding my illness. I feel like a chameleon. I appear so normal people expect to much out of me and I feel overwhelmed a lot. Family and friends don’t understand what I deal with on a day to day basis.

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Phil did that to me the other day,
and does it often.
I told him to Fu-ck off!!

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Haha i know dude

Yea it makes me the crazy one who need crazy pills.

My mom did in the beginning, but I have always been medication compliant so my parents haven’t ask me that in over a decade.

My pdoc asks me though when I talk to him. “Are you still taking your Lurasidone”. He has asked me that several times.