Do you go to movies

It’s been over a year for me. The last movie I saw that somehow my sisters dragged me to was “Mary Poppins”. I don’t know how they did it. Yeah, I know, embarrassing. They told me we were going to see “Rambo 8: Return of the Grandpa.”

Before that, I saw the movie about Freddy Mercury’s life. I really got distracted and really didn’t follow the story or remember anything about it afterwards.

Lol! That’s crazy.

@mjseu I used to have a friend I went to the cinema with but he passed away years ago.

I do love movies though and collecting DVDs.

I prefer to watch movies at home. Less noise and distractions. Plus I can pause the movie at any time and snuggle up with my kitty. :blush:

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Yes lol, yay kitty snuggles, I just got hitchhikers guide to the galaxy on dvd yesterday, what are you watching lately?

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Oh sweet!

I’ve been totally watching a lot of schlock lately lol!

A lot of Riff Trax and Friday the 13th sequels. :crazy_face:

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