Do you go to flea markets

I go often to find some clothes cheaply. Recently, I wanted to purchase a winter baseball cap and first I went to one regular store and checked some prices and discovered these cost 24 euros each, and so I decided to go to one flea market operated by some religious people and I found this winter cap and it was just 2.5 euros. So I saved a lot of money, of course, in my winter baseball cap there is a name of one company, Fazer, but it does not matter, they make some good chocolate.

I also got one leftover German military jacket at 5 euros and I wear it everyday, once one person asked ‘why did I wear this German military jacket?’ I just like to wear it, my gypsy friend told me that it looks nice, he himself sometimes borrows hats from one flea market, because he does not want to use money that he uses in tobacco and alcohol, unfortunately. Have not seen him lately.

On my way to buy some food at Lidl I also visited one flea market to see what they had. I got nothing, but somebody tried to sell some old Soviet visor caps at 14 euros, in ebay these seem to be 20 euros or more, in the past years in 2003 one could purchase these visor caps at 5-10 euros at the flea markets. However, I assume nobody wants to pay 14 euros for one visor cap in this little town.

I’ve been working my way up to flea markets. I know there are some great deals at them, but I have a hard time with all the crowd.

It’s fun. Someone found an authentic Renoir that was worth millions at the local flea market and bought it for 10 dollars. The problem is a museum claimed ownership and took it.

Was the painting reported stolen, and that’s why the museum could claim rightful ownership?
I wouldn’t feel to bad losing $10 to help give a painting back to a museum (where they really belong) so that everyone can have a chance at seeing it.

Then there are laws that prevent exports of some old items from one nation to others, for example, some antique dealers may not export old and valuable paintings from Sweden to elsewhere, and then there are regulations controlling any discoveries. Few years ago some British divers found a treasure in Finland and the government took over this treasure. I have lived in this my poverty already long enough and I would not know what I might do, if I found Renoir.

Makes sense, that a country would want what is inheritantly theirs, especially something valuable in culture or monetary.

Our city has a law about finding things, if the value is $100 or more you can keep it only if you make good faith effort (really try) to find the true owner and they fail to claim it.
Under $100 bucks you can do what you wish free and clear.
Unless for me that is, if I discovered who the owner was, or saw them drop it-then I’d let them know or I wouldn’t feel right about keeping it.

Forgot to mention, I love flea markets, thrift shops, 2nd chance stores, garage sales, tag sales yard sales…whatever you want to call them I love them.
Grew up going to these kind of market/shops not because we had to, but because we wanted to.
Nothing turns me off faster than a retail store, especially in a mall, that you walk into, and there are a thousand of the same item-at obscenely high prices, what a waste of money…
Factory made items have no soul.

Not to sound snobbish or anything but I noticed Duck Dynasty type people attend flea markets. I become paranoid thinking someone will pull out a rifle and shoot me.

I have got most my clothes (95%) in the flea markets, I have also visited some antique stores years ago, once I found a pack of thick Cuban Havana cigars in one antique store and I purchased these for my father for his 70th birthday, but then I smoked these by myself during one summer, of course it is illegal to sell tobacco and cigar products in antique stores where I live, but the problem was not mine, here in my part of the world years ago there have been people who had sold some cheap Russian liquor and beer, which is illegal, but people still buy it, because it is cheaper and has more alcohol in it. At the flea market one can get nice black leather jackets at 20 euros and these would be much more than 100 euros in retail stores.

Haven’t been to a boot/jumble sale(apart from once with my then befriender), as we call them, for over 10 years.
I used get quite a lot of vinyl lps/singles from such places.