Do you pray against evil people?

Yes or no and why? What religion or spiritual path do you follow?


No. I pray FOR all people. Good and evil. I am Catholic Christian.


I don’t pray that hard, I have a headache. It takes focus and a good frame of mind, and I have neither ATM.

But I would pray for people in my life, but not everyone, that is too vague.

I am Sikh, but unbapised.

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I pray for everyone.

All animals and all people and plants and water etc

I was raised by atheists.

But I always believed in god.

I believed in god similar to Deepak Chopra or in my own way but now I want to become catholic.

I don’t want to believe in eternal hell though because my god is not that cruel and unforgiving.

I mean giving someone eternal hell is evil really so strange that.

I want to be catholic to be in sacred Union with my boyfriend and marry him.

I pray.

I was never a satanist but tried reading the satanic bible to educate myself but didn’t read it all as I don’t believe in revenge as they do.

I always believed in god even when I got in trouble by my mum.

I am in a way a catholic wannabe but I don’t believe it so much but pray to believe it and have started to pray to Jesus.

So I have been praying to Jesus lately even though I struggle with my faith in it.

I was a Muslim for one year and I was a good one.

I prayed five times a day and wore hijab and ate halal.

No religion. I just posted about this.