Do you go out of your house much?

How often do you leave the house? How often do you speak outside the home? Ive been going out to the corner stores and walks, but its rare i speeak to anyone.


I walk to the outbuildings sometimes. Once every couple weeks I go to the store. But I rarely talk to anyone while out.

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Once a week I go to meds management, once a week I go to DBT group therapy and sometimes I have to go to a store or the bank. I did go out to the casino a few times but now that we have corona I’m not going anymore.


Do you think its kinda a society thing where not many go out and are weary of the people out there?

I’ll go out once in while with other people’s like my Father or brother but I rarely venture off by myself.

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Once every three weeks I go to a clinic to get my depot

I don’t go out much. But I do have my friends over to my house once or twice a month.

My volunteer work gets me out of the house at least a day a week on average. I’ll also go shopping as we don’t do a big shop but just buy what we need every day or so. In summer I play cricket every saturday so that helps too.

I don’t go out much, I’ve been meaning to take my camera out to take pics downtown but I have not felt up to it — unsure of where we stand on this second wave of home quarantine, seems like nobody is around :neutral_face:

Its rare I go out, I didn’t go out from February to June, just to the backyard. But this month I went out twice, once with my mother shopping and once to my uncle with my parents.

I never go out by myself.

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I don’t go out much. Once a week for groceries and once a month for blood tests. :whale2::whale2::whale2:

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I go out a good bit in the beginning of the month. Then I go to work once s week. Also go to the store by walking or riding my bike.

Once a week I do bloodwork and pick up my grocery order. Usually I need to do another grocery pick up.
On a rare occasion I go out for coffee with my cousin or my sister in law. Or we have an outdoor family thing with all my family.
I don’t mind being alone.
When school starts again I’ll be driving my daughter to school every day.

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I get out a couple times a week when I need to pick up smokes, get money from the atm or pickup some food or something like that. But I spend most of my time in the house.

I’ve been out once since March. That trip and sitting outside on the deck is about all the outdoors I get. I’m ok with it. I have discovered some childhood fears of going out that were not considered so I’m sort of making up for it now. I’m spoiled. I don’t have to got out and I’m not. I feel protected.

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I go out mostly to get cigarettes and beverages, to get fast food at drive-thrus, and to visit my parents.

About 4x per day, but to walk by myself or with Mrs. Squirrel. I locked down in the middle of Feb and the only people I’ve seen outside of my wife and daughter since then have been doctors, nurses, med techs, my dentist, or his staff.

I miss browsing the cheese selection at the local deli SO MUCH.



I go on a bike ride around the neighborhood that’s about it.


Nothing wrong with that.

Oh, and welcome to the community!!!