Do you get really paranoid of people?

That you pretty much wall yourself in and don’t speak with anyone? This has been a major thing since I can remember. The paranoia goes along with other symptoms, like disorganized thoughts.

I get paranoid that they ask what I am doing in life, work, study etc I don’t want them to know that I stay all day everyday in bed.

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With my parents and brothers its fine though. They accepted me the way I am.

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Yeah thats a real thing. Some people immediatly are like, why dont you work? I think its the polotics.

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i wish i was still living with my brothers.they left and now im living with my mum.

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My brothers might get married and leave. But one of them I am sure he won’t get married and will stay with us.

well your thirty i assume.i was like that at thirty but im 40 now and its different unfortnetly.

I’m paranoid towards my husband’s family especially his mom

Sometimes towards strangers too. Like once at mosque I thought two men were gunmen

Yes I’m very paranoid of everyone, anyone could be a serial killer, or a spy, or a human trafficker, or government agent watching me or black ops soldiers from other countries undercover. When I see a happy family walking out on my street I assume they are under cover, no family is actually that happy.

Actually almost every encounter I have with a stranger afterwards I get this uneasy feeling and think they were sent to spy on me.

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