Do you get delusions, halucinations or voices?

constant voices…I just wish these spirits would get along with me. WE USED TO GET ON BUT THE LAST 3 YEARS HAVE BEEN ROUGH.

I just mostly get voices. My voices change many times in a day but for the most part are the same in their understanding of things. I do get feelings of things moving on my astral body like fine hairs that move on my head. The hairs that move on my crown can communicate through touch on the sensitive skin of the eye, in pendulum motions. I find my experience to be spiritual in nature and find the voices help me understand myself better.


Just looked up the AofC. I wonder how much the book gets into the design of c-space on the primate brain model. C-space as memory banks in the cerebral corteces that replicate – or at least are similar to – the ethological developmental path through mammals and primates to the human brain, for example. Anyway. just a thot.

I’m not delusional, I may be a schizophrenic diagnosed full blown with auditory or tactile hallucinations…but I’m not deluded. I’ve done some pretty crazy fricking stuff.

Disabled vet.

My Latuda got kicked up to 80 mg and now the voices are fading a lot. The hallucinations kick in hard when I’m having a panic attack or a paranoia spike.

I guess for me lately… it’s the sneaky brained thinking and delusions.

but what really used to make my life feel truly pointless was the flat numb disconnect of emotions. Nothing touched me and I lost all my caring about everything. I just sat in my head… numb and unmotivated to do some of the simplest stuff.

That was so much worse then voices or some of the sneaky brained thinking I’ve been through

Yep, I’m the poster child for that syndrome. Beer six rn…

I get delusional at times & sometimes i hear voices. I rarely see stuff. What i hear is like voices thru the tv when I’m not in the living room. I’m like u too, thinking that sometimes people are saying stuff about me when they claim they didn’t say what i heard. I probably would have believed in the past but not now. Not when i hear them clearly. The one’s I’m hearing now is my parents, mostly my mom. I think the reason people say that that’s not what’s being said is cause they know people like us having schizophrenia, that we can never prove it cause of having this disease. The hallucinations. I don’t know if I’m being delusional about this or paranoia, but i think sometimes she spikes my food but it isn’t just her I’ve noticed this from. Other food too. I don’t know if the gov’t is doing this to all of us or not or if it’s big money doing it. I’ve heard her say stuff like that they’re going to cut my sex drive or shrink my ■■■■■ or get me a drug where I’m nice to everybody & i mean everybody i come in contact with. Even to people i can’t stand if i was left alone. i guess right now i might b delusional but i rally think I’m seeing things in reality & that my paranoia is just. What i think they’re trying to do is control me the way i was on risperdal bu I’m not now and nobody likes it. When i got on this new medicine, i started feeling like my old self. Creativity started coming back to me but it didn’t take long for people to f*ck that up for me. When I’m at work, same story. No they didn’t say anything & no the food’s not spiked. Ever since i told this guy what my momma said that the doctor told her when i got out of the hospital was that sugar can affect my mind. When i was at work, u didn’t want to eat the biscuits, or anything with sugar. It would distort your thinking. I watched some of them when they ate the biscuits they would tear some of the biscuit out cause of it being thick. They might have been playing with my paranoia but i don’t know and I’ll never know. When sugar was supposed to affect me was when i first got out of the hospital and while i was on risperdal. I’m on a different medicine now and i was when this stuff was going on to.

I think that I have everything or have went through everything with sz just short of visuals.

I get all three. Voices every day. Hallucinations (other than the voices, which are auditory hallucinations) I get a few times a week, and are visual. I have some delusions, and they occur maybe 4-5 times a month. Sometimes, the delusions and hallucinations overlap.

Constant voices, 24/7…well 16/7, bc they don’t bother me only for the 8 hours that I sleep. But constant auditory hallucinations, whole conversations and delusions of everything from demons to spies. It’s bad and I am thankful to have a supportive loving family, otherwise I would’ve been lost.

I get all three. They always seemed so subtle, so normal to me. Maybe because it seemed like my adoptive parents had them, too. Or acted like they did. Or said things that agreed with my delusions, hallucinations and voices.

I didn’t realize when I was little that my parents were “odd.” Not “strange,” just disconnected from reality all over the place. Other kids treated me like I was odd sometimes. Because I think I really was. I often said things that were completely off the wall.

By the time I was in my 20s, I sort of knew I was delusional, hallucinating and/or hearing “instructions” and could tamp the acting out down a little bit. But when I got into drugs, I came unglued more often and had an “excuse.”

Every intimate relationship I ever had came unglued because of the things I believed that weren’t real, as well as the “instructions” I followed. I could function at work, but I think now that those who knew me well enough knew I was talented but odd.

I still get delusional and hear The Voices, but I;ve had so much CBT that I recognize the delusions and instructions pretty quickly now, and either stop acting upon them or don’t even start to.

I have all three-and then some more…but that’s not what I call them, only those who haven’t been touched by them
call them “delusions” “hallucinations” and “voices”.

To me, it’s all very real because things happen around me, to me.
Just for the record, the few that have been able to tolerate my odd world for more than one day and not go kicking and screaming as they run down the street, have encountered a bit of the events that occur all to frequently to me, and know it’s not “all in my head”

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I used to get voices, but no delusions and very few of what might be hallucinations. But the voices were all over the place, very varied stories and scenarios.

All of them. Intrusive/inserted thoughts as well - those will probably count as delusional experiences. I had some intense derealization experiences turning into a delusion of being caught in a dream. In my first episode I only experienced intense paranoia directed at my hallucinations. Second episode it was also directed at real people - that was a tough one.

I know I experience auditory and visual hallucinations. The auditory stuff is daily, not constant but very frequent, and it’s been going on for so long that it doesn’t even seem unusual now – in fact I start to feel antsy, suspicious, and lonesome on days when my own head seems too “quiet”.

Visual hallucinations happen only when my stress / anxiety / depression is really heavy and I’m already unravelling in other ways (self-care, routine stuff). These still startle me at times but are nowhere near as scary as they used to be.

Delusions… I’d like to say I don’t suffer from these, but I know that’s not true. Delusions, like visual hallucinations, only really pop up during intense periods, and are only recognizable in hindsight (if they’re recognizable at all). Intense paranoia, fear of strangers, fear of crowds, constant perceived judgement and criticism and mockery from everyone around me, the sense that I am a pawn in some huge game designed to humiliate me publicly as much as possible, ritual behaviors involving counting or colors, omens / warnings in everyday occurrences (this is a habit and I have learned to just acknowledge it and move on without thinking about it too much), dreams as secret knowledge / travel to another plane / contact with ghosts / contact with aliens, intense and meaningful deja vu, psychic abilities, messages inside newspapers / ads / songs / snippets of other people’s conversations… I could go on.

The thing is, medication reduces all of these, plus lowers my anxiety (and is supposed to be helping with depression but I haven’t noticed any improvement on that front). When my mood plummets or my stress peaks, everything intensifies and I can’t tell truth from fiction; when I’m doing OK, I’m able to shut down delusions quickly and get over hallucinatory experiences with only a minor hiccup. It never goes away completely. It never will. I’m trying to accept that, rather than pretend or pray otherwise.