Do you get along with your siblings?

You know, do you get a long with your brothers or sisters? If you have any that is. I was not getting a long with my brother for a while now, recently things were getting better between us, now it seems that he is back to his old selfish, pompous, arrogant, know it all ways. When I voice an opinion, or I disagree with him, his new phrase words are “you need to change your meds” this is low and very cowardly. Now that I am off Depakote and Tegretol - 2 powerful sedating meds, I feel more, for better or worse. I am starting to be less tolerant of my brother, and growing more impatient with his ways. We are also going to his house this afternoon for Fathers day (God help me) Do you get a long with your brother or sister? Is there tension or conflict between you? I am trying very hard to get a long with this jerk, but it seems that I am going to lose my patience with him completely

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I’m sending out a big bowl of good vibes for you and hope that you don’t end up too effected by his attitude. You’re right, mentioning the meds every time you disagree with him or voice a conflicting opinion is a very low blow.
You did mention he was going through some problems of his own, maybe those problems are starting to flair up again. Have you thought of writing him a letter? Letting him know your trying to rebuild a friendship and his throwing this in your face every time you have a different opinion isn’t helping.

Good luck with this one. Family stuff is some of the hardest stuff to read right.

I’m still at deep odds with the brother one year younger then me. I’ve had to back off completely because it’s just too toxic to try and open up to him anymore, or try and extend that hand. I’m trying to be careful with this one because I don’t want to loose touch with my niece and nephew. But I’m lucky in that my sister-in-law is a very kind person.

The middle brother? Very shattered relationship for a while. To the point where he would never speak to me, see me, didn’t even admit we were related. I took that very hard. I tried to push open the line of communication only to get shut down and hurt more. So I left him completely alone for a very long time… having no idea that he was suffering from depression and other problems. When he got help and got better, we slowly became friends again. It’s taken years… but now, Middle brother and I are solid.

Youngest brother? Just got out of hospital and is in shock. The kid is calm and exhausted and sedated on meds and trying to figure himself out, so it’s a little rough right now. But I understand he’s 100% dazed and confused.

The kid sis? Well, everyone knows she’s the Q to my Bond or the other half of the dynamic duo.


I dont think he is getting depressed again. I do know that he struggles with his weight - he is overweight but has lost some weight. I have very little tolerance for people who kick around others to make themselves feel better, my brother is the type of person who shows little empathy for others struggling or who are having a hard time. Its his way or the highway - I get a sense that he is very insecure and needs constant praise or he starts to crumble inside - very sad

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" no "…
take care

My sister and I let go of the past and now things are great. My other sister passed. My brother doesn’t have anything to do with us. My other brother is bipolar and is very manic right now and I don’t know which end is up. Kindest regards.

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I went over to my brothers house today - His resentment and anger towards me is way too strong and deep. Words were exchanged. I arrived at my house a shattered man - I was sorrowful because I know in my heart that this relationship will never work, I have decided to break ties with him for the remainder of my life. He is toxic and hateful. I can never see him or talk to him again - I am so through with this

Hi there,I get along fine with two of my brother(one older one younger),the difference between us is that both of my brothers are medical graduate while I am only high school graduate,and I had a mental illness,maybe we communicate not much is because of that

I actually don’t mind that they are better than me in most things be it EQ or IQ,but I really feel bad when I think of my illnesses while they are kinda healthy and I needed meds,they don’t

@Wave,why are you off both of your most powerful meds?Are you functioning well without them?

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Very sad and sorry to hear that

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I get along well with my siblings. I usually live at my sister’s house in summer an x-mas. Se lives about 400 km away from me. Me and my brother get along now that he has matured and become an adult for real. He has a girlfriend who has a 10y son. I’m the oldest.

Sorry that your brother feels the need to be that way to you… some people are just never very nice, only they know why.
You are doing the right thing to protect yourself from his harm.

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I had to get off of these mood stabilizers, because of medical reasons and because one was interfering with my other meds. No I have not been feeling myself lately, the lamictal is doing me more harm than good lately, I do not feel like myself mood wise, lots of agitation and irritability and anxiety. Last night I crashed into a deep depression that lasted for a short period. I am going to call my doctor first thing in the morning. How I am feeling has nothing to do with my brothers behavior. It is a separate matter - thanks for asking @Mobc1990

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My sister (4 years older) started ignoring my emails/calls after I sent her some really weird emails full of delusional ideas. I was off meds then, which I think was the biggest reason why I did that.

It’s been 4 years since she stopped answering my emails/calls. I have no idea how she feels or what she thinks about me. Maybe she doesn’t want me to be part of her life anymore.

My mom says that she’s married now and that she and I are no longer sisters.

I don’t know. I think that at least this makes my life (and her life as well) less complicated. Even though it’s a little sad.

Sorry to hear that. It’s never a good feeling.
I have an older sister and brother, but haven’t been on good terms with either of them for years. They seem distant and disconnected, especially from me. I feel that they don’t care at all, but maybe it’s just the sz talking. We were the “3 muskiteers” until I turned 17. Then it’s like death crept into the family. By now I’ve become very numb about it, and just hope they live fulfilling lives for themselves, as I’m trying to do the same for myself.

@Wave, I do hope you feel better soon. Really sorry to hear that you had a double hit stress and irritation. It’s hard to cut off a sibling. Necessary at times, but never easy. I’m sorry it got to this point.

Also sorry to hear your not feeling well. That just makes the stress dig in worse. I’m glad your going to the doc so you get back on track.

I really am rooting for you.

Odd situation with my toxic sibling. He sort of left me alone, but really focused in on my youngest brother who is trying to stabilize. Glad I wasn’t the butt of the tension, not happy to see my youngest brother being picked on. I thought this brother had a problem with me personally due to being older. I’m beginning to see him as a bully who focuses in on the family members who are at a weak point in their lives. It makes me feel like I’m in the middle again. (I’m not. but it feels that way)

Exactly. my brother who lives a very sad desolate existence - dysfunctional marriage, family, dead end high stress filled job seems to get pleasure taking it on the what he perceives to be the weakest link (me) He is taking his anger out on the innocent and most vulnerable person - me. he is a classic bully, plain and simple. he doesnt even get his troubled MI son.

Hi wave~
Jeez-thats some pretty mean stuff! Sounds like you feel bad about it-but not your fault. Just take care of yourself. Were on your side. Hope your meds get worked out too.

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Thanks @bridgecomet :smiley:

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Yes I get along with my two brothers… We are a low key bumch that think a lot. Don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

My sister was the pretty cheerleader type with all the boyfriends I would have chosen…funny, but we do get along. I was even treated to the ugly, stupid duckling approach by our parents and given fashion emergency clothing as treatment (which didn’t work) so even more social shame. However, sister married into family with two psych workers…neither psych person gave a damn nor helped me in any way leading up to my nervous breakdown due to PTSD. Worse…her behavior could have been called malpractice…The woman had NEVER treated me badly prior to the nervous breakdown but later, she would engage in cause stalking/thought broadcasting crap toward me. Delusional only means the care will not discuss this with you…a Google shows a ton of hits on these words and good network news coverage on Youtube so decide for yourself. But, you cannot discuss this with your mental care staff nor can you EVER show any confrontational behavior with your mental care staff or you will be locked up in the mental hospital at your own expense for an ‘attitude adjustment’. My brother in law uses the insult approach with me now sometimes calling me paranoid if I ask any question besides, “How are you doing?” Brother in laws friends seem warped and their family psych workers I now avoid…I do not attend any family events these people may attend except a 30 second, ‘How are you?’ exchange because greater problems followed any other situations. These folks have too many problems to even share the room with…I don’t want them even talking to me. (Brother in law is a little warped too but he holds his grace during short family gatherings plus little time with his kids so I just deal with my anxiety and not talk much…) These all like to talk about themselves a lot so just get them going and try to pay attention…

Other people I know just avoid their problem people …

I get along ok with both though better with my brother. Although apart from replying to a letter i sent him in mid April he has not contacted me since January.