Do you feel you're too sensitive

My dad has told me this all my life,
but especially I think he’s referring

to the bullying I went thru in jr. high.
Well, they were bad, it was the whole class,

but they weren’t monsters. I did a hell of a lot
of crying over that, and closed up in a shell,

enough so that my mother removed me from that school.
idk, I was young.

another thing about sensitivity is Spring time,
it’s so soft, and I feel everything to the Nth degree!

I think I always have been sensitive, but only in the last few years I have had an acute awareness of it

This awareness has made me weaker in how I deal with my mental problems, and I don’t feel as ‘bullet proof’ as I used to.

Can relate to how you felt being bullied. I drove away nice people and only low life bullies used to hang out with me and I always got treated like ■■■■

I am pretty sure that these people knew I had some sort of autism, and they knew how to take advantage of me in the cruelest ways possible. I just wish it had been picked up by other people responsible so that I could have been more protected


yeah, it’s a tender age, when friends really matter.

the teachers told my mom not to remove me, said I’d be
running away from things all my life. it’s somewhat true,
but my mother did the right thing.

Yes I’m hyper sensitive and both my father and brother love to remind me of this all the time.

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Depends on where I am in my mental illness cycle. Sonetines I can be very touchy. Others, nothing bothers me.

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