Do you feel you put too much pressure on the ones who support you?

I always feel like this.

Never used to share anything with anyone, but as I have got older, for some reason I seem to put pressure on those around me

Does anyone else feel the same way?

Credit due to everyone who tries to help, but I feel it’s a losing battle for loved ones sometimes, and I sympathise with them and their efforts to be there for someone with SZ - or any other illness for that matter


I feel like a giant burden to my mom, I know her life would be 1000% easier if I didn’t have sz and still live with her.


I try not to do so.

I’m the same as @firemonkey , I try not to do so.

My voices tell me people don’t want me around. I feel like a burden also because I’m not working and don’t contribute much to the home.

I feel like a burden sometimes. My partner who has asd is so supportive of me. I am grateful for
a chance to support him back if he needs me. It’s not the same, but its something.

Short answer yes

Yes. But I try to do what I can, and I don’t barely talk about my fears or anything like that to try not to burden others.

I do put too much pressure on my family, expecting years of burden and pain to disappear over night.

I try and use my resources, to not be a burden, but I probably do still put too much pressure on them.

i feel like a burden too for my parents but my mum always says i’m not a burden and that she loves me even if she has to take care of stuff.

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