Do you feel like the day is so long?

Atm, the day just feels so long. I have to sleep away some of the time because I can’t do things non stop I just don’t have the motivation and attention span for that. At least I AM pushing myself to do things, just in separate intervals.

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No, my days off go way too quickly. I never get everything done that I want to.


Its probably because you don’t have a job @anon90843118.

Oh OK yea I guess it’s a dumb question.

Just felt like saying though.

at least ur brain is sound.

my brain feels like it is perennially blown.

very difficult to cut thru the day with this state of brain.

I feel like the days are too short. I don’t have a job. I’m just an old lady with a lot to do.

It’s not too long from my point of view. Hobbies and interests keep me pretty busy. My veg time is mostly when the sun goes down so then it’s TV and video game time. Sometimes I sleep for a good ten hours but if I do good sleep hygiene then I will sleep less and try to have a productive day.

Do you have any chores or anything to do outside or inside the house? When I lived with my mom some years ago she did everything save for my bedroom stuff. I lived on my own for three years so I had to do everything but now that I moved in with my dad I am required to help around the house. Basically if you can find the proper motivation via yourself or others the days can be shorter with small goals to complete.



Yea I’m trying to push myself harder these days hence the intervals of stuff to do. I like to read a bit online do journaling and I do washing up and look after my bedroom stuff. When I can, I go for a walk as well. I’d sit in the park if its a sunny day. That’s always nice to do. Change of environment…


Still the day feels long cos I can’t do one thing for very long except relax on the forumm

That’s why I break it up with naps so I don’t get overwhelmed with all the time

Yes and no for me. The working in insurance part of the day feels like it takes two days, especially if I’m doing something on a large fleet for a gravel hauler (least fave part of the job). The part of the day I get to myself to do things I enjoy seems to last about 30 seconds.

It feels like i am under house arrest, it was worse before but i managed to keep things going, but now things are just blah, days are just not that good, i’m trying to enjoy the good bits but the rest is just blah, i have started having naps through the day as well.

My days pass quickly. I get up at 8, hang out for an hour while brother is asleep and just smoke, drink coffee, and check the interwebs. Every other day I also take a shower during that time, clean up my room, and sweep the porch.

Then at 9:45 I log onto my work computer, and I work until 6pm. During that time I have my laptop next to me, and my brother will wake up and join me in the living room because he works from 2pm.
Afterwards, I cook dinner or help my brother with his job, play some computer games, and I’m off to bed.

I have many things to do on a typical day, so it feels like it passes quickly for me, even though I sleep less than I used to.

Yesterday felt long, but that was my day off, and I spent half of it trying to catch a nap as I hadn’t slept well the night before.


Yes, very long days. Smoking let them pass faster. Espacially since I’m having sleeping problem. Just feel better during the night and early mornings. Day time is really dreadful.

I feel a lot better staying up all night. But I didn’t decide that it will be like that, since I’m suffering bad sleeping cycle since january, I can’t sleep regular times anymore. Psychologist didn’t help me on that. No med change or so. Having a new appointment to a new psychologist because my old one ist getting to a new hospital in another city.

Days are flying by!
Way too short…

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My time is going by at a good pace. On weekdays, I wake up and take the dog outside to pee, then I work at my computer for 4 hours (8am to noon). At noon, I take the dog outside again and then I make lunch. Then I exercise for 30 minutes, shower, and then take the dog for a walk. After that, I’ll play video games, color, knit, or read. At 5pm, I start dinner. Then my husband and I watch TV and go to bed around 9pm and we take the dog outside to pee one more time.

On weekends, I sleep in until 9am or 10am. I take the dog outside when I wake up. Sometimes, my husband and I will make pancakes or waffles on Saturdays. We’ll clean the house, maybe go for a bike ride, maybe go for a walk, or maybe go to the canyon for a picnic. Before COVID-19, we’d go to the Farmer’s Market or a festival on the weekend. After dinner, we’ll watch TV and then go to bed around 10pm or 11pm.

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I think so too Wave. Especially when one spends so much time on this site.

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