Do you feel happy with your looks?

I don’t. And the fact I’ve never had a relationship kinda makes me feel worst. I’m trying to wear lipstick make up more often but it feels uncomfortable with people looking. it just feels like they’re laughing at an ugly person trying to hide their ugliness through makeup that makes me look even more ugly.

“ugly” Is Tha Worst Word Within Tha Dictionary … ,

" beauty is in the eye of the beholder " … ,

Which jus Means , No Matter Who You Are ( OR ) What It is You Look Lyke Beyond “normal” , Someone Will Be Able to Call You “ugly” … ,

Tha Word Even (by) Itself Is “ugly” , Tis An Un-ending Maze of Pointless Self Reflection … ,

There is No Realization To That Word … ,

It Isn’t Evn Real …

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do things everyday to remind yourself that beauty is skin deep. What the phrase tries to emphasize is that the outward appearance of a person counts for nothing, but it is what lies beneath the skin, the actual person him/herself is what really matters.

i’m no mr. Olympia: i’m slightly balding, I have unusual facial symmetry and have a protruding gut! but yet I work a job where I am very visible. I have to remind myself of my inner qualities: i’m thoughtful, hard working, and i’m resilient. if I focused on my outward appearance, I wouldn’t be able to make one sale.

you wrote the word ugly three times in one sentence; you are not. remember that sz people stick together and you have plenty of support here when you don’t feel your best.

60% I feel I look bad,40% of the time I feel good

I have body dysmorphic symptoms,becareful don’t get too obesse about ones appearance

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I like it if they laugh at my looks.

It took years of torture to make me look as they see unfit. I was way better looking than them on their own standards. Race a guy weighed down with two hundred pounds and he is still the winner.

Terror will do some strange things to ones appearance.

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Ugly is very real man.

But it doesn’t mean the way we look.

Flesh is an ugly thing. Pain is ugly, everyone gets that one.

Alot of things are ugly.

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Hmm ,

Perhaps ( I had too ) , but Perhaps , Instead of Calling Tha Flesh “ugly” We Can Agree to Call It Weak … ,

Unless Since It Is “weak” , It Then Becomes “ugly” (???) … ,

and e(Y)e Like To Think of Internal Spiritual Caused Pain To Be a Teacher of Sorts … ,

e(Y)e Personally Wouldn’t Dare Call Pain “ugly” … ,

Jus My 2 Cents On Such …

idk i have grown a beard recently and it desperately needs a trim, also i am a guy and we dont need make up to look cool so :tongue: haha

See @Ish if you come down to the brutal fact, It is personality that matters more than the Looks. Even that is fraud but that is altogether a different topic.

But the important thing is that looks hardly matter.

Yes it is (to one who is enlightened it is ugly, all bodily feelings including sex is ugly)

( OR ) So a Preacher / Priest ( OR ) Whatever Would Claim as He Led Catholic Women Into His Confession Booth and Forgive Them With His Body … ,

Ya Know ,

Organized Religion Shuzz …

Sex as defined in real world (pornography) , include priests in that is all crap. Real Love is a different level of thing altogether. I never said that is not correct, it is absolutely nice. What i was doing was (which confused you) differentiating Sex and making Love…probably they are the same too.

ish, me too I feel ugly and I don’t like my look…the negatives symptoms make difficult for me the thing to take care more of myself. me too I have dysmporphic features because of the sz… hope it will get better for us :wink:


I think you look beautiful.


ish i saw a few of your pictures and i gotta tell you you look very beautiful. There is even more…i think you are a natural beauty. You dont need makeup and lipstick to make yourself pretty. Sure it makes you pretty but you are also very beautiful without makeup also, because you are a natural beauty :wink:

Just to let you know what i think about your looks, im sure a lot of people think the same. Just stop thinking negatively and replace negative thoughts with a positive one. Practice you´ll see it works if you persist :wink:

As for myself. Im happy with the way i look. The problem with me is self confidence. Its a lot better then it used to be, but it is still a bit of a problem. I try my best to feel confident and positive, because i want that people around me feel comfortable.


OMG Ish. you’re not bad looking, you’re cute. Don’t get so down on yourself. Give yourself a break.

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I’ve been told I look like a cross between Brad Pitt and Gollum. In my heyday when I was a younger I dated a couple very good-looking women. A girl once told me I looked like Tom Cruise in Riskey Business. I think she liked me.


I feel awful to tell you the truth. Even more so that I was born with dare I say good looks, at least that is what I used to be told. Hell, I was even told once I had “won the genetic lotory”

But even so…my face breaks out all the time…at 33 years old I deal with zits all over my face…I gained so much weight in my last treatment program that I couldn’t lose it all…so I’m overweight…the voice in my head makes it nearly impossible to sit and get a haircut…I never smile anymore.

But you know what? I was once in the greatest physical shape of my life and didn’t lack for a girlfriend…and yet I felt vacant inside…no idea who I was as a person…no clue how to talk to people…would just stand there silent…felt the same. Still lived in fear of my face breaking out.

But yeah…I have this thing where it feels like it’s worse to have some sort of natural good looks and yet look like hell. I feel like people wonder you know? Like why is that guy in such bad shape?

Once for all…you are not cute…you are not pretty…you are ■■■■■■■ beautiful and sexy and if I was a guy I’d have sex with you any time all the time.
Excuse my language.


Hmmm. Sex is just a whole other problem. Whenever someone tries to hug me I can’t even let them do that. I feel repulsive and partly that’s because of the bullying during childhood but that’s a whole diff story.