Why don't I feel better?

Im schizophrenic for more than one year, and I’m only 15(almost). I take meds but my therapist said I have delusions and I have hallucinations, I can’t live like this, I Just want to disappear. My psychiatrist says I’m med resistant. How long did it take you to feel good and not hallucinate on meds?

I understand your frustration, still working on it :disappointed:

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How many different antipsychotics have you tried? Some say certain ap-s don’t work for them, while other type of ap-s work.

I’m on meds and I hear voices. So my voices are med resistant. But medication makes easier my coexistence with voices.

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I tried 5 different antipsychotics

I had sza since my teens and it took me several years before my symptoms went into remission. I tried 7 different antipsychotics and only 2 or 3 helped - usually only in combination with another plus a mood stabiliser

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