Do you ever take benzo's?

I think it is super relaxed. These medicines give peace and a good feeling.


I take Klonopin a few nights a week to help me sleep.

too addicting for me im benzo free


I used to take them. The effect wears off as you build up a tolerance to them. They’re only supposed to be used short term or for emergencies.



It was nice how it easily relaxed me, but it was too much of a crutch.

After I started running out I got scared and knew I would have to ‘just deal’.

I take a small dose of ativan whenever I need to drive somewhere far. It doesn’t do a whole lot for me anymore, I think i’ve built up a tolerance for it

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I got addicted to Klonopin and kept taking more than the recommended dose.
I ended up drunk, with slurred speech and I peed on myself.

No more benzos for me.

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haha dude you drive on benzo’s?

yea, i only take .5 mg of ativan. It’s a very small dose

where are you going when driving?

I only take it when i drive to see my pdoc, which is about a 30 minute drive

Hate benzos. They kill what’s left of my brain.

I take xanex for emergencies.

I don’t really like the way they make me feel so I guess that’s good.

Currently trying to get off them.

I used to take ativan. It helps when it’s needed for emergencies, but my pdoc doesn’t want me to take them anymore.

I take Ativan 2.5 mg every night cos I am scared.

I think it is super relaxed medicine. I could take them all day. But I take them once a week to prevent addiction.

they r good and relaxing but dependence

I was taking them… now i have super benadryl… i dont like them… im supposed to take 5 a day plus 3 at night… yea right…

Yes, I take Klonipin 0.5 mg sometimes to control anxiety that reveals itself in lip pressing in me. I completely stop pressing my lips after I take Klonipin. It’s amazing how it works. I also sometimes take it at night to help me fall asleep. Works real well.