Do you ever get the "Don't touch me."s

Sometimes I get quite angry and want to say. “Don’t touch me. Don’t you know I’ve been hurt?” It’s also true of mental probers. “Don’t get into my mind, don’t you know I’ve been hurt?” These people mean well and are hurt by our outbursts, but it’s no lie, we really are hurt people.


I just don’t like being touched.


Taking for granted that people like to be touched is really insensitive, almost rude.


My kids are not touchy feely. I’m kind of glad but I’m sure it’s my fault. I really don’t like being touched.


I don’t know why, I don’t like being around someone physically.
Do you think it’s a trauma ?

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It’s a trauma if you are not respected when you ask them not to touch you.


Actually, I wanted to know if it could come from an old trauma? :confused:

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Surely. A lot of us were sexually molested children which could have a lot to do with it.


i don’t like being touched either =/

Ditto :confused:

Same I hate being touched.

I don’t “get it,” it’s a rule I live by.

The deepening of a sadness broke finally into madness-

I was in a fabric store.and a customer had a sign pinned to her dress that said Do not touch
I wondered if some mental health person made her do that

I like being spanked

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