I don't like touching any people

And I don’t like people touching me.
Can anyone relate?


Yes, I’m the same way.


I couldn’t stand touch till I got on the meds.

I couldn’t have decent relationships with women till meds.

Meds work well for me but it’s been a lot of trial and error. Still. I am an extremely warm and tactile person these days. I like hugging people. It’s nothing sinister or sexual it just is about kinship and love! I am known around the cricket club as a hugger!

I can live with that!


The only person I could stand touching me is my husband. It was odd to me when we started dating that I actually liked his touch. Figured that was a good sign.


I long for intimacy with Angie…I am also a big hugger…don’t know why people don’t want to be touched.

I find touch to be overstimulating. If someone touches me too much, my skin almost hurts.

I don’t like to be touched. It’s hard at family gatherings because everybody wants a hug when i get there and when i leave. Kind of sucks.

I enjoy cuddles from my kids. I love giving hugs. I don’t like getting them as much. I think about germs a lot too and feel dirty after a hug sometimes.

I can kind of take it or leave it.

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My family is a hugging family. On both sides.

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I totally hate people touching me.
At the hospitals they would drug me up pretty good and then always insist that they help me walk. I would always get so angry when they refused to stop touching me. Then because I couldn’t stop them, this would lead to my paranoia flairing up and then I would just be scared of them. I told them a million times to not touch me, there is no reasoning with hospital personnel, ughh.
My mom would always kiss me as a kid and I totally hated it. I am 36 now and she has just recently accepted that I hate being kissed. She just gives me a light hug now.

I don’t like people touching me, so I don’t touch other people because I think they may not like it

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A girl at work used to like touching me all of the time…she’d run her hand up and down my arm.

I thought she liked me until I got home and realized my watch was missing. :wink:


I love affection. Most of my expressed affection is giving my 6 year old niece Hugs though.


Aside from a small number of people I have a real affinity for (and even then not all the time) I can’t stand being touched or breathed on or even people whispering in my ear. It’s kinda revolting.

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