I don't like being touched

I’ve never had a massage, I don’t like old guys patting me on the back, I do like hand shakes, I don’t want a stranger touching me unless it’s a woman I’m about to become intimate with. Thoughts? Opinions?


Hugs kind of make me uncomfortable


I’ve always been afraid of people touching me, especially men. I do like it when a women who I’m intimate with wants to touch me. But that’s been almost 35 years. I’ve never had a massage idunno if I’d like that.

I don’t like being touched, I don’t want to shake hands, and I definitely don’t want to be hugged by anyone who isn’t my wife or daughter. I don’t want them hugging me either, but they are granted a pass on it because I realize that it’s important to sometimes allow hugs.

Generally: No touchie unless you want to have your nose reset in the ER.


i got to stop shaking hands nobody ever does it anymore, they always go for the fist bump

I don’t like being touched either. Hand shakes are ok, hugging I guess I’ve learned to tolerate to be “socially acceptable”, but I never initiate and don’t really reciprocate. Random touching is just so weird and uncomfortable.

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Don’t touch me unless you love me.

I love getting massages, i used to get them once a month, to release from tension and release the toxins in your muscles, its very healthy to do, but i understand if you feel uncomfortable of people touching you.

If I’m hugging a male friend I’ll do it in a way that my breasts don’t touch him. I think otherwise is inappropriate or I’ll give him a side hug. That is a way of showing affection without being inappropriate.

It does not bother me if it is to be expected, normal.

What about touching yourself?


I don’t really like handshakes or hugs.

Most people don’t hug me. They’ll hug everybody else in the room but when they get to me, they stick their hand out for a handshake every time. It absolutely gives me a complex. I must not be loveable.

It’s possible you get nervous and give off a vibe that tells people to give you space. I’m not sure though because I don’t know you in person. But I do know, based on your online persona, that you are worthy of being loved. So I don’t think that’s the reason @SkinnyMe

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I hate hugs, hand shakes are ok.

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I’d give anything to be touched.


Someone touched my arm in this uncomfortable way at a work I was at once. It was one of the reasons I left that job.

I don’t like that kind of touching from strangers.

Boyfriend, yes but strangers no.

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Thankyou @Zannah . You’re a sweetheart.

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I used to be the huggy sort but now I just don’t want my space invaded. I think with a boyfriend I would be wanting cuddles and such but other than that, nope. I give my son side hugs.

I don’t mind women touching me. In fact, I wish more of them did. When I got in AA I discovered they’re big on hugging. Hugging other men made me uncomfortable for awhile but I got used to it. If anybody wanted to hug me I hugged back. “When in Rome…”

I don’t mind shaking hands either. I mean the occasion rarely comes up anyways so a few handshakes a year is no big deal.