Do you ever get phone calls

That are probably spam calls but seems like it’s not.

Like one time I sent my friend from college a message on Facebook or something. Then I got a call from New York where he lives about 2 mins later. I didn’t answer because I was too paranoid.

But stuff like this happens a lot.

Or maybe it’s all real.

But probably just a robo call.

The only people that phone me are my mum and the gp

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Sometimes I get phone calls, most of them from my mother or my brother.

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You guys don’t get robo calls???

The other day I asked someone where they lived they said the town which I barely hear of. Then later i get a call from that town. But it was just probably a robo call coincidence

I get robocalls and spam calls also on my cellphone but I don’t answer the calls.

If I don’t recognize the phone number I don’t answer.


Yes if they really need to talk to me they’ll leave a message or text me.

Usually I get 1 call from these random numbers they never call back or anything. It’s just creepy sometimes the location. Maybe I’m looking into it too much

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I get 2-3 Robocalls per day. Most of them used spoofed local numbers now. Very annoying.

Same thing. I listen to their voice message and if its spam I block the number.

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I chose not to set my voice mail.

I set it up because I get private calls from my psychiatrist office and the government or bank.
So I don’t answer and listen to their voice message to know if its spam. Spam sometimes call using a private or unknown number.

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I get robo calls and spam calls. It seemed to really pick up for me March through May. I got a lot of spam and phishing texts during that time too, right around the beginning of the quarantine chaos.

Er… Once they spoofed my wife’s work number in town! Not that blocking that number is necessarily a bad idea.


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I’ve gotten calls from spoofed numbers before. One time it was the local elementary school. Another time it was my own number.

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Theres only 4 people that have my number, mother, bank, brother and the MH Clinic.

All the others i ignore - and i block anonymous calls on the phone. If its urgent they can leave a voicemail if its a # i dont recognise.

I ignore robo calls. I get them everyday

I get calls everyday for work and about 2 a day for them coming to arrest me for taxes. Like the tax dept would call and warn me they are coming lol

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Yeah it’s usually that or my free vacation or something if I answer

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Unless I recognize the number I don’t answer. They can leave me a message if they want.

I make phone calls every day. I don’t receive phone calls every day though. I get most of the calls from my sisters or places that are returning my phone calls. Miscellaneous stuff like the DMV, or Social Security or Medicaid or the food bank. I try to stay in touch with my step-mom in Sacramento. I get lots of calls from my clinic returning calls or confirming appointments. I have only about three or four doctors I’m dealing with at this time: the dermatologist, the podiatrist, I need a physical examination, I see a nutritionist etc.

Before this COVID hit and all my appointments were canceled, I was dealing with a lot of health issues. For about 9 months or maybe even a year I was literally going to two or three doctors appointments a week which required a lot of phoning back and forth.

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I get hang-up calls from all over the country, because someone got my number.