Do you ever feel like your activity on the internet is followed by some people who you know IRL

I feel like Im being followed or my activity is followed by a couple of people who I know

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Sometimes, it makes me feel like an important person. lol

Reality : it’s not a big deal to catch over air signals from the phone.

This question is a bit more rational than your last thread was closed, but based on the 2 of them I would suggest to you, that you are being paranoid about this. What is so interesting about your internet activity that someone you know IRL would want to spend their time tracking you?

I’m thinking sometimes that some people haven’t an own life

You are not aware of this posters previous thread which was closed and hidden, it clearly points to psychosis and delusional thinking. This is almost certainly related.

Also, the average person does not have the technical know how to track a person on the internet. I wouldnt know where to begin myself outside of the obvious stuff.

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Im currently hospitalized and the nurses keep asking me what am I doing on my computer. I think they are testing my honesty

I watch birds.

Yesterday the woodpecker sat in the tree and it felt like he’s commented with his pocks every thing i did outside.

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Yes, I don’t think your well @Right . Trust your doctors and nurses.

I just dont want to be followed that’s all

Once it wasn’t able for me to do a simple ping test.

I quitted the connection, destroyed the sim card, with the next sim the ping test worked.

You aren’t being followed @Right . YOure in the hospital for a reason.

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Over and out


I think they can read my thoughts. I battle them by not thinking anything at all


Yeah, hey man. You are not well. I’ve been there, so I know what you are going through.

Have they given you any new meds recently? Maybe give them time to take effect.

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They give me new meds all the time. Im getting clozapine and some other meds for schizophrenia and severe depression

All I can suggest is that you should relax and give them time to work. I hope you are able to get out of this state. I used to believe my mind could be read as well. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling.

i think thats very common with sz. its just paranoia. i woudlnt worry about it :slight_smile: as much as you can anyways.

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People follow me online because they like seeing my photography, listening to my online station, or reading about my cooking. I doubt anyone outside of this community cares about my SZ.